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The Very Ungodly Hour.

…So, man and woman were created, two essences from one, a very psychic and sexual duality, two extremes of the same pole in need of divine balance.   The temptations and The Gates of Hell were opened, there, unveiled for the eyes to see and the heart to feel; therefore, the world descended into the Third Dimension of suffering and ignorance–i.e., the dimension of Euclid, the dimension of the vain senses of the physical, the infernal and unconscious worlds, etc.

And so, the divine was lost to humanity…

The Very Ungodly Hour.”

First was Adam and he alone,
O, the divine, masculine form;
Then Eve was light from the first man,
She was his way to the divine plan.
The circle was beginning and He knew it,
The Elohim the sexual essence had split.
There was love, purity, virtue, ascension;
For The Eden was our Fourth Dimension.
But the land was cursed and man fell,
The Great Serpent had weaved the spell;
So the mind knew The Peak of Sex now,
The Devil was summoned somehow.

The world was unconscious, away from God;
For man and woman were wicked and proud.
The Sacred Cup of Hermes had been spilled,
Thus man and woman were never fulfilled.
The Seven Churches within man were lost,
The Sexual Science to the Inferno tossed.
Man had descended to The Third Dimension,
He had blasphemed without comprehension.
The Waters of The Earth are the Creative Power,
But The Veil is thick in The Very Ungodly Hour.
Does not the drunk animal need sobriety…??
Yes, the unconscious mind to wake up in piety.




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