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Ways of The Light…

To create beauty and good opportunities for yourself in this life, you must be able to…

What is it that moves man beyond his intellectual education and given environment into greater heights of achievement…??  What is the difference between people who do and people who do not do, or between people who fight and people who give up…??  What is the way of life, or the wholly blissful experience of this divine condition we call life…??

The ego possesses the common man in a way which fogs reality and gives concepts and ideas to everything which happens in life, so we can say that this mind is tense and frustrated, joyful at times but easily overwhelmed by worry and stress.

This creates fear, conscious or subconscious, which gives man a false sense of experience, mental images of gloom and doom where suffering is all they see as reality; thus, man experiences chaos and negativity, and this brings pessimism and hopelessness in powerful bouts–sometimes long periods of depression and moods which injure the mind in question.

This process of pessimism and hopelessness makes the mind weak and susceptible to all kinds of illnesses–i.e., it lowers the immune system, it stresses the nervous system, it creates cancers, it makes us repellents to better opportunities in life.

That is why the way to health in all aspects, the way of life, is being positive, being optimistic; which is not being attached to a particular outcome but being brave enough to keep a positive and faithful attitude even in the middle of chaos or crisis.

This is indubitably the greatest tool in the arsenal of the strong warrior, because it takes a highly intelligent and strong man to remain positive in the midst of the storm; consequently, knowing that he can indeed survive and come out triumphant is what drives him forward with a true and powerful heart.

Being optimistic is not being naive and closed to reality, but the opposite–being optimistic is having the inner strength to quiet your own ego, your nagging thoughts and feelings tugging at you and making you see the worst scenario possible.   Being optimistic is allowing yourself to actually create your own experience and not allowing your outer environment and what your eyes see to tell you how to feel and lead your life.   To create beauty and good opportunities for yourself in this life, you must be able to envision good things in your mind first; but, furthermore, you must also be able to keep seeing good things in your mind constantly, patiently, faithfully, committedly, because otherwise you are just a mechanical tool of society/of your environment. 

…So, who are you–someone who creates his/her own life, or someone who follows the rabble and mechanically complies with whatever randomly happens…??  …  Think about it deeply for the answer…


“Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power.”  ~ William James; American psychologist, philosopher, educator, and writer.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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