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What is driving you…??

There has to be an engine which drives you in life, in order for you to accept challenges and create great beauty in your path or in order to fail and…

There has to be an engine which drives you in life, in order for you to accept challenges and create great beauty in your path or in order to fail and self-pity your attempts over and over again; furthermore, this inner strength or drive must be based on something real, something everlasting and strong, something which is not made from a thought or concept.  Reality.  Namely love, not fear.
Character is the moral and ethical values which drive your life, what certainly creates you from within; and without this higher character you cannot build a successful and truly happy life.  Happiness is not an outcome of any exterior success or achievement, as most people believe in ignorance, but it is the ever flowing substance that you are and which can only be embraced and experienced if you carry your mental and physical body with high morals/with excellent character.

Character offers you mental freedom and peace to be yourself and fill this same mind with truth and love/a higher understanding.

On the other hand, reputation is what the ego pushes on you–i.e., a better pay, a better person compared to others, a more successful career, a man or woman of nicer words, etc. etc.  Reputation is beliefs and opinions others have about you, and this cannot bring you true happiness because this reputation does not allow you to be unique, independent, free of the demands and opinions of others. 

Reputation, even though society sees it differently, is based on fear, it is attachment to others fearing that they do not approve of you.  When you pursue reputation, your mind is not at peace but it is agitated and struggling to make others like you.

But to be yourself and base your life and your actions on love and truth is to express your heart, it is to learn to free yourself from the expectation of others so you can be mentally free and able to see your own path clearly.  So, ponder this:  What is it that is driving you really in your life today…??  Is it what others might think of you…??  Or is it your unique character to express yourself freely…??  (Be honest with yourself.)

“Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow.  The shadow is what we and others merely think of it; but the tree is the real thing.”  ~ Abraham Lincoln; American statesman, lawyer, and 16th President of the United States.


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