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Do you know that rich earth and sacred sun…?? Do you know those little children having fun…??…



Memories exist for a divine reason.  Your childhood was what it was for a divine reason, however painful, miserable, complicated.  Your ego may choose to hate your past, hurt you further now as an adult, and make you hard because of your past; however, your ego is not divine, it does not understand why you lived what you lived.  You cannot find God through your ego.  You cannot find love through your ego.  And you cannot find peace through your ego.
You must embrace your childhood, your past, whatever you lived, and see the lessons with an untainted heart which knows no resentment and prejudice…



Do you know that rich earth and sacred sun…??
Do you know those little children having fun…??
Have you ever felt the mud here and there…??
What about such divine connection everywhere…??
Yes, I remember the land so beautiful and free,
O my body and soul give thanks to thee!
God spoke to me through ducks and cattle,
Love was born via innocent play and battle.
Days of wonder and joy built character thus,
Friends, games, waiting for the school bus;
Nights of weeping as I grew in responsibility,
Exams, anger, moments without tranquility.
What’s the world done, child, to hurt you so…??
Have you found the lessons in pain yet to grow…??
My youth was painful, difficult; but it brought light.
Have you questioned yours beyond the fright…??




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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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