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Sacred Birth!

The birth of intelligence is the sacred birth to discover. Life is meant for you to discover this sacred birth of intelligence, where you are guided by…

The birth of intelligence–and by intelligence I do not mean knowledge from books and from society, not memory or anything others have told you–is the most miraculous thing, it is freedom and true love; for this intelligence is emotional intelligence and the curiosity to inquire into anything and everything for yourself, and in this lies the very essence of awakening. 
Of course, this birth of intelligence is suppressed and even denied by all society, specially religions, because with intelligence you begin to see through the veil they have cast upon you and you stop following others; thus you become an individual and not part of the pitiful herd, you do not buy everything, you do not covet everything they put in front of you, you realize that the truth lies in yourself and not in scriptures, and you see the greed and power-mongering in all politicians and also in members of a religion.

You are dangerous to society now, because our society, even with the many good things it offers, has been built on deceit and corruption; and all to keep people collective and belonging to the same group, obedient and chained to the same views and understanding.  For if true intelligence is born in you, then you become powerful enough to stand alone, on your own, confident, and so bring out the truth unto yourself and unto others, thus illumination and rebellion lights up the conscience of the bunch.  Can you see how intelligence can really open the eyes of the people and bring about clarity and individuality…??

What if you were to become curious about anything and everything…??  What if instead of following your family, your traditions, your cultures, the books and articles you read, your religions, you were to wake up and follow your own experiences based on truth and not in the lies your ego tells you every day…??  Perhaps, if you did this with patience and honesty, you too will find true love and bliss within yourself, the cure to your loneliness, to your insecurities, and to all your frustrations; as you feel this greater intelligence bathing each cell in your body.

The birth of intelligence is the sacred birth to discover. Life is meant for you to discover this sacred birth of intelligence, where you are guided by intuition and by higher knowing instead of by your ego and your intellect full of books and words from others.


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By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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