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Positive and successful traits.


Personality is a very important thing in life, to be successful in all aspects, to be free and feel free, to connect with other people and guide them.  Being spiritual has to do much with developing a great personality.

Look at Osho, or Jesus, or Krishnamurti, or Sadhguru, or any other great man out there in any aspect.  They get the best out of themselves and out of others, because they connect at a very deep level with who they are.

The more open-minded, the more funny and welcoming you are, the greater your personality; thus, more opportunities, more love and bliss you will attract into your life.

Your Higher Self, people, your situations in life will respond to your personality, to your very character.  A great personality access your positive and successful traits.  A great personality denies all suffering.  Remember this.


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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

A Powerful Personality.




The character, the morals and ethics, the integrity of someone shines in his personality, in the way he moves about things in his life, in the way he interacts with others and in the handling of situations.  Personality shines brightly in the better behavior and attitude towards others and towards life situations.

This is opposite to what many people believe, that personality is mostly in your intentions and thoughts, and in your words and personal life philosophies.  Of course, all this is also important, as thoughts, intentions, words, philosophies of life, are the origin and the glue of the better person and society; but, however, they DO NOT create your actual personality.

Your personality, as stated, is shown and strengthened in your daily behaviors; therefore, if you think kindness and say kindness, then you also have to live kindness through better behaviors.  Higher morals and ethics only exist if the personality is shining brightly in better behaviors.

Now, a good personality based on true integrity must not be rigid.  You cannot be attached to one way of being or behaving, leaving out the better understanding and tolerance of others different from you; so, the superior or better personality must be able to adjust to different environments and to different people, different lifestyles, different views and even behaviors different from yours.

This way of seeing life and universally behaving, without rigidness, without any attachment to your own ways of thinking and behaving, allowing tolerance and understanding towards others, brings power to your very presence, it attracts opportunities and people to your better personality.

You enter a room and you shine, you approach people and they immediately feel your persona, you become attractive in deeper ways, and your character makes you more able to accept your own life and that of others with love and openness, without getting frustrated easily, without stressing yourself easily and without any rigidness whatsoever.



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Intelligence seeker.

How to find psychological balance-and, most importantly, an emotional understanding that is deeper and brighter–in a world where there is no balance–where everybody settles for mediocrity and where the mind just follows the latest trend and gossip…??
They key is always balance, in all we do and experience, in all we think and suffer, in all we feel and project into the world as vibrations; and to find this balance one must be self-aware at all times, make it a daily practice to find reason in your own thinking patterns and physical behaviors, This shall bring a greater emotional understanding of life, perhaps slowly, perhaps in a quicker way–depending on the personality of the individual. Two kinds of mental personalities:

1) The fiery and intense personality shall discover intelligence at a faster pace, because the secrets of nature and the subconscious forces of the collective merging with the individual require flaming curiosity and intensity of the heart passions. This is seen more in the introvert, as the introvert tends to rationalize and meditate on the inner world more than in the outer one; he/she finds freedom in the emotional mind, the world seems to make more sense rationalizing it inwardly.

2) The shy and quiet personality, which can discover intelligence at a slower pace by focusing on more scientific and rigid terminology, no mixing Gnosis (or knowledge of the emotional self) with other subjects. This one inquires into established paradigms and programs, getting to the truth slower (if ever). This one lives more in his head, and battles more doubts and afflictions of the ego entity.

But both seek something.  Something to bring some harmony and intelligence into their affairs… Question is, how do they seek it, and where do they seek it…??  💖🔥🙏


And then I took a walk outside my home and I saw this.  Can you believe it!


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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Would you empty your garbage…??

Do you lie, even a “little white lie” or a “fib”…??  Perhaps you call it “not telling the whole truth” or some nonsense like that–just to make yourself feel better about lying.  And why do you feel the need to lie…??  What is the state of your mind when you lie…??  Is it love, confidence, strength, respect…??  Or is it fear, shame, self-pity, a bit of anger, worthlessness perhaps…??

People just react and says stuff, don’t they…??  They are so thoughtless even when they don’t want to be.  Perhaps they are nice and caring, but they still lie to themselves and to others; and they do this because, even though their vain egos may make them feel strong and like they are doing the right thing, there is some garbage in their minds–something they hide, or something they fear about the way they are and they don’t want it revealed, or something they did, or they know the truth but they play dumb because they are lazy and superficial.  The state of the mind when anyone lies, for any reason, big or small lie, is that of fear, darkness, not truth, and not light.  And the problem is that lies affect the way we are, our personalities, subconsciously they program the way our thinking pattern works, and the way we see others, ourselves, and even life and the experiences we live daily.
You see, there only exists love and fear, and from love and fear we develop all the thoughts and feelings–i.e., joy, suffering, pleasure, pain, calm, anger, affection, disgust, certainty, confusion, etc. etc.  This is all you experience in your life, isn’t it…??  But you have been endowed with an intellect, a superior ego which gives you choice; and so, you choose between love and fear, and then feelings start pouring in–the feelings you have created by your choice.  Can you take your time now and truly see this for yourself…??  See the truth!  Don’t agree or disagree, but see the truth behind the words.

So, obviously, you can see that lies branch out or are born from fear.  They cannot be born from love, can they…??  So as an adult you have garbage to take out, and I do as well; because daily we have to choose if to allow love or fear into our minds–i.e., shame or confidence, calmness or anger, gratitude or envy, truth or lie, etc.  And, like I said, this choice which may not seem too important at times, shall create your persona, the way you see yourself, others, and life itself.  And it shall attract or repel opportunities and situations in your life, because all we think and feel is made out of vibrations either positive or negative, and these vibrations affect the world outside of us.  This is fact.  This is truth.  This is science… 
And so, would you empty your garbage then…??


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