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The fiery and intense personality shall discover intelligence at a faster pace, because the secrets of…

How to find psychological balance-and, most importantly, an emotional understanding that is deeper and brighter–in a world where there is no balance–where everybody settles for mediocrity and where the mind just follows the latest trend and gossip…??
They key is always balance, in all we do and experience, in all we think and suffer, in all we feel and project into the world as vibrations; and to find this balance one must be self-aware at all times, make it a daily practice to find reason in your own thinking patterns and physical behaviors, This shall bring a greater emotional understanding of life, perhaps slowly, perhaps in a quicker way–depending on the personality of the individual. Two kinds of mental personalities:

1) The fiery and intense personality shall discover intelligence at a faster pace, because the secrets of nature and the subconscious forces of the collective merging with the individual require flaming curiosity and intensity of the heart passions. This is seen more in the introvert, as the introvert tends to rationalize and meditate on the inner world more than in the outer one; he/she finds freedom in the emotional mind, the world seems to make more sense rationalizing it inwardly.

2) The shy and quiet personality, which can discover intelligence at a slower pace by focusing on more scientific and rigid terminology, no mixing Gnosis (or knowledge of the emotional self) with other subjects. This one inquires into established paradigms and programs, getting to the truth slower (if ever). This one lives more in his head, and battles more doubts and afflictions of the ego entity.

But both seek something.  Something to bring some harmony and intelligence into their affairs… Question is, how do they seek it, and where do they seek it…??  💖🔥🙏


And then I took a walk outside my home and I saw this.  Can you believe it!


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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