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Strength. Courage. Passion.

A great man, or woman, gets his/her strength from the magic within; and there is no need to…

You do not need to show who you are supposed to be to the world, because to do this is to fill your mind with fear–fear of not being liked or respected by others if you do not meet their expectations, fear of being less than others, etc. etc.
“A Great Man is Always Willing to Be Little.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

A great man, or woman, gets his/her strength from the magic within; and there is no need to seek displays of arrogance, violence, passions, and all egoistical activities, outwardly.  All must be self-discovered, worshiped in oneself; for all eternity lies in the content of our very cells, of our very atoms, and nothing lies outside it.  And what happens if you seek love and happiness, strength and courage, confidence and resolution, in outward activities, in your interaction with others, in displays of any kind out there…??  You fill your mind with lies to tell yourself, and feelings which won’t last; thus, you become attached, addicted to these outward displays.  Because they make you feel part of the collective, part of something meaningful, they give you some pleasure your ego holds as precious.  But is it really precious…??

It seems to me that life is a flowing river, rich and never-stopping waters, always moving and bringing change–whether your mind labels this change as right or wrong, fair or unfair.  And because you must flow with life, you must become life, as one must become one with one’s partner when truly in love with that someone, then you have to discover life within yourself by self-inquiry, by inner contemplation.  Courage, Strength, Passion, are natural “qualities” of God, of your soul, of your very being; and they cannot be found in the ego by the display of your ignorance, to be liked by others and to show your worth, your beauty, your uniqueness to the world….  The prayer, the worship, the meditation, the seeking, the discovery–all goes inside, it is created inside, and none of it outside.  And whosoever understand this in his heart (not solely in the intellect!), understands life itself then…



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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