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Just like in war…

Deceptions of war

Below is a photo of World War 1, of an observation post disguised as a tree. It tells you that in war, deception is the main tool used. Wars are about power, control, about competing to win at any costs.

Most times, all this starts as seeking freedom and justice (in the deluded mind of government officials); but as the war starts people loses all meaning of freedom and justice (love), and they only see winning and showing superiority over others instead.

Also in relationships

It’s kind of interesting to think that when a person lacks character in a relationship, he begins also to use deception, cheating, lies, gaslighting, all forms of dishonesty like in a war.

The mind of the person gets so narcissistic that he starts playing the games of competing and controlling. Because the person lost all meaning of love by now. The loss of love makes us irrational, violent, bullies, inhuman, just like war. Something to think about.


Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

It’s just a “small lie”…

Lies, deception, cheating, hiding the truth. Even if you call it “a small lie.” All this, besides being immoral and hurting others, builds a subconscious program. In time, it feels normal to lie, even a little. The mind takes your behavior and, without your consent, builds a place for it. This is a real, physiological place in your brain. And now is there. And without you being aware it transforms you.

It becomes a “normal behavior” for you. And once it becomes a normal for you, it slowly cements like an addiction. Of course, for you is not an addiction. For you is harmless, and your normal, and something which has no importance. This makes you lose self-awareness. This blinds you to your own corruption. This is the illusion you build for yourself.

Others can see this corrupted behavior in you, but because it has transformed into your own mental programming you do not see it as corruption. This is why is so important to become aware even of the smallest patterns of thoughts in your mind. Don’t just do things without thinking. Study your own mental programs carefully.

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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Value in relationships.



Each one of us, as human creatures in this physical life, seeks to feel acknowledged and valued by the people who surrounds us; for we all have a need for love and happiness in our very personal experiences, and such means we all need to feel respected and cherished by what we think, feel and do.

The core, the great vitality and purpose of life is to develop ourselves in regards to relationships–i.e., relationships with ourselves and with others; friendships, romance, family, acquaintance, and discover the deep connection between each one of us and the world.

This tells us that relationships must be developed strongly, based on a deep love and understanding, that respect towards each other’s different points of views and personalities must be understood and even celebrated.  Because we can all learn from each other–from the good and the bad.

But a human relationship may be fragile if it is not taken seriously, if it is not based on patience and understanding, respect and commitment to growth; therefore, no matter what impulses, what psychological temptations, what outbursts of anxiety we feel at a given moment, honesty and integrity must guide and build our character.

All can be reconciled in a relationship but a deep break of trust, because the first to be kept is your own self-respect and value; but by allowing lies, cheating, disrespect from others, you are certainly disrespecting yourself and devaluing yourself–which sooner or later will take you to self-loathing by adopting feelings of paranoia and confusion, and so a sure self-destruction.



So, know that no matter the situation or the disease (in the case of somebody whose excuse to lie and cheat is some mental one) or the excuse somebody gives you for any reason, your self-worth, the love to yourself comes first; therefore, you must do what you must in order to keep your mental peace and harmony.  Walking away without looking back is often what will give you your peace and harmony back, so do not hesitate on doing this; for it is about your ABSOLUTE happiness and integrity/loyalty towards yourself.




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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Would you empty your garbage…??

Do you lie, even a “little white lie” or a “fib”…??  Perhaps you call it “not telling the whole truth” or some nonsense like that–just to make yourself feel better about lying.  And why do you feel the need to lie…??  What is the state of your mind when you lie…??  Is it love, confidence, strength, respect…??  Or is it fear, shame, self-pity, a bit of anger, worthlessness perhaps…??

People just react and says stuff, don’t they…??  They are so thoughtless even when they don’t want to be.  Perhaps they are nice and caring, but they still lie to themselves and to others; and they do this because, even though their vain egos may make them feel strong and like they are doing the right thing, there is some garbage in their minds–something they hide, or something they fear about the way they are and they don’t want it revealed, or something they did, or they know the truth but they play dumb because they are lazy and superficial.  The state of the mind when anyone lies, for any reason, big or small lie, is that of fear, darkness, not truth, and not light.  And the problem is that lies affect the way we are, our personalities, subconsciously they program the way our thinking pattern works, and the way we see others, ourselves, and even life and the experiences we live daily.
You see, there only exists love and fear, and from love and fear we develop all the thoughts and feelings–i.e., joy, suffering, pleasure, pain, calm, anger, affection, disgust, certainty, confusion, etc. etc.  This is all you experience in your life, isn’t it…??  But you have been endowed with an intellect, a superior ego which gives you choice; and so, you choose between love and fear, and then feelings start pouring in–the feelings you have created by your choice.  Can you take your time now and truly see this for yourself…??  See the truth!  Don’t agree or disagree, but see the truth behind the words.

So, obviously, you can see that lies branch out or are born from fear.  They cannot be born from love, can they…??  So as an adult you have garbage to take out, and I do as well; because daily we have to choose if to allow love or fear into our minds–i.e., shame or confidence, calmness or anger, gratitude or envy, truth or lie, etc.  And, like I said, this choice which may not seem too important at times, shall create your persona, the way you see yourself, others, and life itself.  And it shall attract or repel opportunities and situations in your life, because all we think and feel is made out of vibrations either positive or negative, and these vibrations affect the world outside of us.  This is fact.  This is truth.  This is science… 
And so, would you empty your garbage then…??


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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Deceiving yourself.

What is deceiving another….??  What is the origin of the desire to deceive another…??  Is deception born out of love, confidence, and understanding…??
What is the human mind if not the playground of the ego, where joy, misery, desire, fear, deception, and the rest emerge and pull on you…??  All desire of lying or deceiving another is born out of fear–i.e., fear of a particular reaction, fear of losing attachment, fear of unpopularity, etc..  Now, this ignorant and misguided behavior means we are allowing fear to lead us into our relationships, into our sense of identity, and in general into life; hence, we are blocking love and understanding from entering our own minds, and so we have found a false sense of security to overwhelm our minds and to rule our behaviors.

In the way of lies and deception you are not allowing the truth to flow and you break the bonds of any relationship. You hurt others emotionally. And soon you hurt yourself.

And, of course, one cannot really know oneself if the mind is being guided by fear; for one can only know oneself if love fills the mind, thus if one truly loves oneself truth will guide one’s behaviors.  That is, behaviors with oneself and with another are guided by love and understanding, so one feels confident and there is no reason to lie or deceive.  Can you see then why deceiving another is the same as deceiving yourself…??

When you interact, communicate, do anything with another, your behaviors are guided either by love or fear; thus, if you form the idea in your mind to deceive another then you are deceiving yourself because fear is your master.  And when fear is your master, then all the anger, the frustration, the lying, the misconduct you brought upon another, stays also with you, in your own mind, stressing you and agitating your mind, and soon it becomes your persona and it shapes your daily thinking pattern in all of life’s aspects.

“You can’t know your real mind as long as you deceive yourself.” ~ Bodhidharma; Buddhist monk, Shaolin Kung Fu master, first Chinese patriarch, and writer.



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