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Deceiving yourself.

What is the human mind if not the playground of the ego, where joy, misery, desire, fear, deception, and the rest emerge and pull on you…?? All desire of lying or…

What is deceiving another….??  What is the origin of the desire to deceive another…??  Is deception born out of love, confidence, and understanding…??
What is the human mind if not the playground of the ego, where joy, misery, desire, fear, deception, and the rest emerge and pull on you…??  All desire of lying or deceiving another is born out of fear–i.e., fear of a particular reaction, fear of losing attachment, fear of unpopularity, etc..  Now, this ignorant and misguided behavior means we are allowing fear to lead us into our relationships, into our sense of identity, and in general into life; hence, we are blocking love and understanding from entering our own minds, and so we have found a false sense of security to overwhelm our minds and to rule our behaviors.
In the way of lies and deception you are not allowing the truth to flow and you break the bonds of any relationship. You hurt others emotionally. And soon you hurt yourself.

And, of course, one cannot really know oneself if the mind is being guided by fear; for one can only know oneself if love fills the mind, thus if one truly loves oneself truth will guide one’s behaviors.  That is, behaviors with oneself and with another are guided by love and understanding, so one feels confident and there is no reason to lie or deceive.  Can you see then why deceiving another is the same as deceiving yourself…??

When you interact, communicate, do anything with another, your behaviors are guided either by love or fear; thus, if you form the idea in your mind to deceive another then you are deceiving yourself because fear is your master.  And when fear is your master, then all the anger, the frustration, the lying, the misconduct you brought upon another, stays also with you, in your own mind, stressing you and agitating your mind, and soon it becomes your persona and it shapes your daily thinking pattern in all of life’s aspects.

“You can’t know your real mind as long as you deceive yourself.” ~ Bodhidharma; Buddhist monk, Shaolin Kung Fu master, first Chinese patriarch, and writer.



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