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The journey of humility.



  • The journey is not set in stone.  Knowledge is power, and also great responsibility.  We learn as we go, so one must be humble enough to admit that there is always more to be learned, transformed, even changed as we come in the way of new knowledge.


  • Each one of us carries our own experience and understanding.  Each one of us carries an intellect that must become flexible and capable of adapting to new knowledge, new opinions, new ideas.  Life is a marathon and an  exploration.  Don’t forget that.


I’ve been on this journey for long to finally understand that our minds create our lives and every experience we have. I know we can all better our lives by individual self-development and spiritual understanding. Check out my self-help books to enlighten yourself and others.

Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Worry about your own faults.




Stay with yourself.  Create your feelings, and don’t let others control how you react.  Learn that people cannot be changed by you, they are who they want to be; that is, for better or worse, not your problem.

You must express yourself, be true to yourself; but let people have their beliefs and opinions.  It is not your responsibility to save anyone.  You only point, but let them decide if they will walk in that direction or not.

Stop being so arrogant as to make it your duty to control people and make them see what you see.  Worry about your own faults, your own ego, your own psychological addictions, and open your own eyes.  That is the only responsibility you have.





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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

About changing you.




Sometimes ignorance seems to lead people’s interactions, even among loved ones, and this may bring harsh words, impulsive actions, even immoral attitude.  But life must be lived with an open mind, and we must see past our mistakes and anxious reactions; for we all need each other, and we must hold on to the ones who really care.

Conversation should seek connection and honest desire to help us realize things; it is not meant to compete with one another and blame, or to see who is superior and who is inferior–which is an ignorant and immature game in itself.

Relationships can be complex and challenging if we seek to show off or win, it can lead us into disaster; and that is the attraction of something, the challenge, but the challenge to see past our anger, our frustrations, and so connect with one another.

And what brings understanding is an open-minded conversation which seeks us to be equals, not to show what we know or how strong we are.  If someone seeks competition, let it go and do not seek the same but seek harmony.  The mind must be kept positive in order to understand and think clearly.

No one is above this, for we all must engage in relationships one way or another; and so, each one of us has a responsibility to bring the maturity and harmony into it, even if the other person appears irrational and stubborn.  See, it is not about changing them, but about changing you.

And sometimes we have to walk away to keep our peace and harmony, but some other times we can help people understand, not by raising the voice and becoming participants of the game of competition; but by being truthful and firm, but kind and detached to make them see our views.  Because it is not about changing them, but about changing you.



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See Reality.

“Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside, awakens.”  ~  Carl Jung.


It is not the man who thinks and thinks

The one with the knowledge to understand.
It is not the man who judges the world

The one who sees that which is true,
For there is only reflection in the water.

When the waters of his mind are disturbed

The reflection he sees are but madness to his perception.

Reality is not what he sees out there then,
But it lies in the pure knowing of his mind.


Reality has nothing to do with words, images, opinions, ideas, philosophies, beliefs, and with the obscurity in your mind; but all these are your making, and society’s influence allowed in you.  So, these distortions are your weight to carry and fix, and only your responsibility.

Your responsibility means not society’s responsibility, not the doctor’s responsibility, not religion’s responsibility; but YOUR responsibility.  Trying to ignore this duty, trying to escape it or bury it under your nonsense, leads you to reality dysfunction or distortion.

You must make the unconscious in you conscious, see your mind and its games for for what they truly are (mere distractions), and see your own issues floating.  Find out what reality truly is for yourself; so, face the words, the images, the darkness, the ignorance and pride you carry.

To do this, to empty the mind, serious meditation is a must and what can fix your situation and your blindness.  Reality is shown unto you through meditation.  But the serious meditation, the one which empties the mind and cleans it from all ego and its manifestations.

And then by this emptiness, your whole biology cleans itself, reality then fills your mind; and your behaviors, your views, your purpose becomes moral and illumined by reality.  While the whole world is going blind, you illumine yourself.



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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Your responsibility.




You must worry, concern, work on yourself, develop integrity in all things, become healthier, react less and control your emotional outbursts, etc.

That is your only responsibility in life, because when you are successfully doing this, taking care of awakening yourself, then you can consciously do for others.

There are people out there, even among you, who are always trying to control others, looking at others, judging others; however, what is really needed is self-observation, judging and transforming yourself daily.

Strive for perfection. You cannot ever attain perfection in this life, obviously; nevertheless, if you seek perfection your mind will be centered on your innermost and in making yourself healthier, more moral, less egoistical, and you will be observing yourself through the eyes of pure wisdom constantly.

If you do this then you will not be centered on others, and judging others, and stressing about others; for your mind will be at peace, looking inwardly, without the anxiety the world brings, and so harmonious to make better decisions in life.

To feel deep and care about others is one thing, but to believe yourself to be not the problem and to judge others without judging yourself is utterly pompous and ignorant. Many people do this nonsense. Do you??

The moment you say that you do not do it, you are automatically believing yourself not to be the problem and so finger-pointing at or blaming others. So, look inwardly, past your own sanctimonious thoughts, and study yourself, whether you are 20 or 90 years old.




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