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About changing you.




Sometimes ignorance seems to lead people’s interactions, even among loved ones, and this may bring harsh words, impulsive actions, even immoral attitude.  But life must be lived with an open mind, and we must see past our mistakes and anxious reactions; for we all need each other, and we must hold on to the ones who really care.

Conversation should seek connection and honest desire to help us realize things; it is not meant to compete with one another and blame, or to see who is superior and who is inferior–which is an ignorant and immature game in itself.

Relationships can be complex and challenging if we seek to show off or win, it can lead us into disaster; and that is the attraction of something, the challenge, but the challenge to see past our anger, our frustrations, and so connect with one another.

And what brings understanding is an open-minded conversation which seeks us to be equals, not to show what we know or how strong we are.  If someone seeks competition, let it go and do not seek the same but seek harmony.  The mind must be kept positive in order to understand and think clearly.

No one is above this, for we all must engage in relationships one way or another; and so, each one of us has a responsibility to bring the maturity and harmony into it, even if the other person appears irrational and stubborn.  See, it is not about changing them, but about changing you.

And sometimes we have to walk away to keep our peace and harmony, but some other times we can help people understand, not by raising the voice and becoming participants of the game of competition; but by being truthful and firm, but kind and detached to make them see our views.  Because it is not about changing them, but about changing you.



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