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The brooding storm.

Anger, desperation, anxiety, blinds you and leaves your mind weak and crippled.  It is like a storm of smoke or heavy fog has filled the mind.  You are at the mercy of the storm, lost and without seeing better direction.

This is why the mind must become a sacred place, the sanctum sanctorum, the harmony and reason you need; therefore, in your problems, arguments, life challenges, you can trust your mind to give you reason and strength.

In a world where everyone becomes angry, violent, unconscious, attached to beliefs and points of view easily, you must rise up and become better than this world, so you can face life and its events with poise and understanding.

If you are to be the best fighter, your own hero, the confident and faithful character of your life, then you must rule your mind and not allow it to fill you with anger and frustration whenever something or someone does not agree with you or with your way of seeing things.


All that is needed in life is a mind that is filled by peace and harmony, so that the best strategies and solutions may be clearly seen with wisdom and reason.  No need for anger and frustration, is there…??

Your mind will react to situations the way it has been programmed to do so, so if you must practice a better way, a more focused and reasonable mental program to fight your battles, you must stop procrastinating and begin now changing the way your mind operates.





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