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Realize your worth.

If you are not happy in life, if your mind is anxious and frustrated with…




What is to be selfish…??  Is selfish to love yourself and respect yourself??  Is selfish to desire to be recognized for your moral values, honesty, and good, heartfelt emotions by others??

Perhaps the world does not understand what selfishness really is, so you must ponder what it means individually to you.  Really study yourself, your intentions, your ideas, your emotions, your worth, and discover if you deserve better in your life.

Because when it comes to your joy, love and happiness, harmony and peace of mind, no other person, even if it is a loved one, can truly give it to you.  You must be brave, rational, conscious, and give it to yourself.  Can you find it within yourself to do that now–not later, but NOW…??

If you do not, if you keep making excuses, if you maintain yourself attached to neglectful treatments from others, then it means you do not know love, it means you do not know happiness, it means you have lost your identity, and it means you are against life itself–i.e., against your true self.

Your true self is life, it is joy and value and it recognizes itself; so, you must train your mind and ego to see this, to realize your worth, to analyze your current understanding of love, and to wake up from self-pity and self-inflicted suffering.

If you are not happy in life, if your mind is anxious and frustrated with others and with situations around you, then you are neglecting yourself, forgetting your identity and value.  And you have to work on making better that situation in your mind, create your experience, realize your worth and adjust your surroundings and people to your own standards.




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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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