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Facing them…

You cannot fight nature, whatever it is currently, and expect to have your…




Running away from your problems, from your difficult memories, from your challenging situations, is emboldening fear so it can possess you strongly and even with more intensity each time.

Trying to escape any past fear through putting a brave face, or through pretending to be someone you are not, or through romantic pursuits, or through any other method which seeks to bury that fear is pointless, naive, immature.

Fear, pain, difficulties are there for a wise reason, and you must not cover it like you would a wound with a bandage or a dead body under soil; but you must feel the hurt, the fear, the challenge, stay with it, befriend it, and then slowly transmute it and make it your ally in life.

In order to move on and heal yourself, to be better, to get better opportunities, to experience better relationships, to feel love again, you have to understand your current pain and suffering; and so, to understand it you must learn to cherish being with it and accepting it.

The only way to get stronger, to keep happy and in love, to be a better human being in all aspects, is to embrace all you are right now, with your strengths and joys, with your weaknesses and hurts–especially with your weaknesses and hurts, because these can become mighty motivation to move onwards in your life.

You cannot fight nature, whatever it is currently, and expect to have your own egoistical and impatient way.  You must embrace nature and be humble in allowing it to take its due course in you.





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