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I am all about greater understanding, empathy, intelligence. Not intellectuality. Intellectuals can rise in society because this one is superficial, but in life to know true love and happiness intellectuality cannot help. Intellectuality is a burden, because it makes you stubborn, desperately seeking answers and meaning, it creates the anxiety and the need to belong to groups.

Intelligence, on the other hand, makes you lose stubbornness, it makes you more compassionate, full of understanding of your own actions and its consequences. Intelligence loosens your grip to philosophies and rigid concepts. And intelligence is only adopted by an individual, not by groups.

Simply measure people by character, not by words, not by the money they make, not by the position in society. Asleep idiots, men and women, fall fascinated by the allure of this superficiality, and we then have the chaos, the division, the dull minds in the world.  

One needs to let go of trying to fit in and honor one’s group.  Waking up to this is about seeing with the eyes of truth, because no real beauty and love can exist in people who cannot leave their egos and measure others by empathy, by character, by a greater human spirit. Life is simple, because it is about letting go of ego.

Letting go of ego is about detaching yourself from groups, from beliefs, from opinions. Letting go is about freedom. Freedom to become an individual. Not a republican. Not a democrat. Not a liberal. Not a Christian. Not a Buddhist. Not any other group which divides. Letting go is about being an individual who does not seek a fake identity by following and becoming part of a group.


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The blindness of groups.

Protestants, Catholics, Intellectuals, Mormons, Atheists. Muslims, Democrats, Revolutionaries, Republicans, Military, and so on and so forth.  Each one of these groups lives in their own little world, thus their own little vision, their own little rules, their own little philosophy of life.  All this creates division and ignorance, because each group can only understand and see the content of their own little world (creates ignorance), and because each group divides itself from the rest as they believe strongly that they are right and the others wrong (superiority and inferiority complexes are built/the creation of right and wrong in division).

Everybody is right and everybody is wrong, which means the truth is clouded, distant from their conscience.  They create their own truth through their own beliefs, through their own stubborn and fixed philosophies, through their own close-minded interpretations of life, through the games they create for themselves–each ignorant and asleep group creates the idea which gives pleasure and boosts the egotism of that specific group.  And this selfishness and INVOLUTION from conscious illumination they do not see, or even understand, but surely ignore; for they are like pigs wallowing in their own filth, and like the pig they ignore that they are wallowing in filth, because to the pig the filth is heaven/its own truth.

What is the problem…??  The problem is their morals, their characters, their comprehension of love, of life, and of each other.  If each group stays in their own beliefs, ideas, philosophies, illusions, then there is no chance of seeing and understanding the big picture–each group is living in a room and never actually experienced other rooms, thus they have learned that each their own rooms are the best and true rooms.  And love is just what they believe it is–i.e., “I love only MY people and the rest is not my concern,” “I love only MY nation and the rest not so much,” “MY political party is true and right so the rest is not.,” “I love only people who believe in MY God because the rest are too stupid to see MY truth,” etc. etc.



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