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Into the abyss.

Society is built around greed, it cannot survive without it; this…

Hell, or the Avernus, has three gates: Lust, Anger, and Greed. 

-Lust takes us to lose consciousness and fall deep into animal character away from all divinity and illumination–godly states which are the very essence of Love. 
-Anger spawns all kinds of agitation in the mind, it clouds judgement, and brings all diseases into our system by lowering the vibrations of our being. 
-But greed is the very nature of what we may call evil.  Greed fills the mind and it makes it want more and more–i.,e., more and better food, more sex, more money, more things, even more knowledge.

Society is built around greed, it cannot survive without it; this works subconsciously so it plants the seeds in the psyche of the ignorant masses, thus nobody thinks they are being greedy.  Being greedy is a sin unto yourself, to your better evolution as a human and spiritual being.  But nobody becomes truly aware of their greediness, do they…??  Do you…??  It is easy to notice the greediness of the world instead of your own, isn’t it…??  The reason why the mind of the human creature must be self-aware at all times, no exceptions.

Pursuing pleasures mindlessly and obsessively is greed, which most of the time will act subconsciously in you; and the only cure for this is a constant self-awareness.  Greed is everywhere you look, even dressed in religious and saintly clothing.  Fear is pursuing these pleasures, and when fear exists in the mind/when the pursuit of pleasure exists in the mind then all love for God and for your true self is gone.



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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