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Two Gods in The Quest for Moral Growth.

What the world and religions call “God” has been an invention of man. Of course, there is a force eternal of Creation as we know it, and that is the entity which gives men and women rationality and capacity for understanding and illumination to see truth beyond ego, and most importantly gives humankind morality and the capacity to further develop that morality to be always better human beings. Now, religions, specially The Christian World, has created TWO Gods to answer morality questions, which also show Christianity’s rigid and restrictive rules and views:

1) We have the God of the early Bible (The Old Testament), the God of Abraham and Moises–and this is a wrathful God, a God that brings revenge and terror on whomever does not obey His Laws (i.e., the Flood and Noah’s Ark, Abraham attempting to kill his own son, etc.).

2) The new testament’s God, the God that Jesus preached or taught to the multitudes, is a God of pure love, of great tolerance, of “putting the other cheek” as Jesus himself taught (which is why The Pharisees did not like his teachings as Jesus threatened the old laws of the first God)–and this is then the evolution of a SUPERIOR God, the evolution of the understanding man has about the world and about what God should be…  So, can you see these two Gods man has created out of his evolving understanding of himself and of the world in which he lives…??

Because man created these two Gods, because The Bible and ancient texts are mere attempts to make men more moral by creating stories and myths that bring hope, faith, and awe to his heart and to the people of the entire world…  And so, this takes us to YOUR individual life.  Are you still attached to stories, myths, beliefs, opinions, rigid and irrational philosophies like the first God….??  Or are you open-minded, always ready to learn about everything and anything, not blinded by your own opinion and pleasures, and ONLY seeking vaster knowledge to turn into a higher moral human being…??

There is no worse blindness than the blindness of the man who wishes to remain blind because he believes he has already found the truth.  So, seek rationality and conscience in all you think, feel, and do; and beware, religions and society sometimes will tell you that rationality can be the opposite of faith, that faith is a belief in things not seen and that BLIND FAITH is a requirement for spiritual growth.  Know that they are all trying to deceive you!  Faith can ONLY be manifested when the human creature knows truth, when it has no doubt and confusion; and faith is the CONSTANT search for truth in the rational mind–i.e., a mind given to you for the purpose of spiritual and moral growth.



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