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Breaking free from the “normal”

I’ve been on the other side, which is the side of attachment and self-neglect. When I was looking to fit in and to be like the rest, seeking their approval, seeking to belong to a group of thinkers, believers, philosophers. We all seek this when there is no knowledge of self. We seek to belong and to feel part of others and of what others do, and this quite often becomes an obsession, a corruption as we become more like others and lose our uniqueness. Most of us fall into this, because we cannot be with ourselves. We might feel empty, not worthy by ourselves, like something is missing; therefore, we look to others and to think like them.

We really are different and unique, each one of us; however, by trying to be like others, by following a belief, a philosophy, a behavior which is not truly ours we become distanced from ourselves and from our uniqueness. The world is full of people who seek an identity outside themselves, in a crowd, in culture, in tradition, in religion, in politics. This brings them more emptiness and loneliness. Happiness is in discovering yourself, to stand on your own, to lead your own thinking and feeling, to create better behaviors based on your uniqueness. Trying to copy others dulls the mind, and it makes the emptiness, the frustration, the loneliness stronger in you.

There is nothing more important in life than to be and feel whole, to discover ourselves by taking care of ourselves. Don’t focus on others, on what philosophers say, on what religions say, on what groups of people (whoever these groups are) say. Life is about being happy, and to be truly happy one must learn to think for oneself. There is no normal. We are all different. Think for yourself and don’t seek to copy the “normal” offered by society, by your family, by politics and religion. Nothing will make you whole, able to feel successful and happy, unless it is your own unbiased thinking. Forge your own path. It works for me. It will do so for you as well.

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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Beware The Seductive Whore.

Finding the hidden truths, allowing your conscience to be illumined, detaching yourself from people and old views and beliefs, must be the goal of every moment you are alive; for that is indeed the great purpose of being alive and developing in this life, and let NO ONE tell you otherwise and sell you their ignorant deceit.  And that is exactly what people around you will seek to tell you, and that is also what any institution in your society will seek to tell you; and that is, that you should worship Jesus, or Buddha, or such and such prophet or priest, or the scriptures, or your hard-earned money, or even people you love.

But paradise, truth, love in its divine essence, is not meant for ANY KIND of worshiper; for worshipers are worshipers because they are attached to the ignorant philosophy of superiority and inferiority.  The worshiper feels inferior to the worshiped, so the ego creates this illusion which creates a brutal duality; therefore, inferiority and superiority are born, the victim seeks a liberator (whether another human being or an object), the slave seeks someone or something to free him.  This process of worshiping confuses the mind, hides the truth, buries the Innermost inside you under thick layers of beliefs and under thick layers of fear/victimization.

The problem is that when you feel like a victim you feel depressed and frustrated, chained to situations and to a very crude human nature where you do not see a way out; hence, the distortion of reality, the loss of truth, and the dictatorship of fear in you.  This feeling of inferiority in you is something that society–its religions, its politics, its academic education, its commercial agendas, etc.–wants desperately, because when you are held hostage by confusion and fear then your mind is naive and easily corrupted and controlled–so you buy unnecessary and unhealthy items, you seek worshiping religions and men of nice titles, you listen to any garbage music they make without caring what it does to your mind, etc. etc.

The only freedom is in questioning everything, in dissecting all they give you, because in this your mind will expand and find truth; and in this you will leave the seductive darkness of attachment–i.e., attachment to people, attachment to ideologies, attachment to institutions, attachment to ALL material things.


To worship has been distorted and made something stupid and vulgar, as men and women take objects like money or politics or religions and also ideals like the scriptures and things which man says and become seekers of this; however, to truly worship is to seek your inner self through health and applying ideas and philosophies which can purify your mind and heart, so your actions in the world are of higher morality as a better human being.  Truth is always the goal, not the feeding of the ego through comforting beliefs and ideas; follow the truth wherever it leads you, destroy your illusions, seek The Kingdom of God/Illumination of your conscience.  This indeed we can call the true art of worship.


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