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All you think, feel, and do every day.




Life itself is a miracle, but you must not let your mind make you anxious and disturb you to see that miracle.  Never let yourself down, to feel lonely, to feel depressed for any reason; but feel life as it is, control your suffering, your self-pity.

Love is everywhere and anywhere in life.  Love, joy, harmony, affection, success, it is all within you; and you can experience it at any time in your life.  All you have to do is to stop attaching yourself to your overthinking and expectations, obsessive desires and self-pity.

The grass is always green.  The sun always shines.  As long as you control your mind, and your mind does not control you.  Love is not about your desires fulfilled and personal opinions.  Love is about your commitment to feel positive and healthy in all you think, feel, and do every day.





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