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Where the miracle lies.




Love is the deepest connection to another being, to our lives, to ourselves; and once you decide to connect you must not pretend or play, but take the journey of discovery seriously.

And what this connection is, at any level, is a journey to know one another, a commitment throughout it, and something which speaks of your inner values.

The feeling of connection will never fade, and it will even spark and swell in you again, if you keep your attention on it, without allowing your mind to interfere with arrogance and self-pity.

Unconditional love is this attention kept without the tyranny of your changing mind.  Love, deep connection to life, to one another, is a commitment, a phenomenon which never changes it course.

Only the mind changes course.  Truly understand this, and you can understand what unconditional love is.  Truly understand this, and you can understand where the miracle of love lies.





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