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Between Heaven and Hell.

In a way of speaking, you are creating demons, you are creating hell, you are creating your own…



What creates our experiences in life is our very minds.  The pain of your divorce, the relived tragedies of painful memories, the feelings of not being good enough, the anxiety when you do not have such and such money, the itching desire for possessing somebody, etc.–it is all your mind.

You may, of course, create your own ignorant excuses of why you feel what you feel–i.e., they make me feel like that, I have an inherited mental disease so I am depressed, I am not rich or have a great job so I constantly feel worthless, I am physically unattractive and nobody wants me, my nation’s politics keeps me violent and agitated, etc.

But, you see, by attaching yourself to all these excuses you are feeding the fire, you are increasing the suffering and anxiety, because you are fighting your own struggles, you are denying how you think and feel and labeling it as something wrong to feel, as something evil.  You are saying it is wrong, or even wicked, to feel like that.

In a way of speaking, you are creating demons, you are creating hell, you are creating your own suffering and neglect.  You are doing the opposite of acceptance here.  Can you take a few seconds and ponder this…??

You must accept all that appears in your mind and all that which you feel, ALL of it; for accepting it is welcoming it, which is like making friends with it, making friends with that part of yourself you do not like but respect now.

This psychological behavior of acceptance begins a transmutation in you, because now you are assimilating and absorbing that which you did not like before, so you get to create it and deal with it under your own terms; otherwise, it is just God and The Devil always fighting in your mind, and this struggle brings you your own hellish experience.

The struggle in your mind between what you currently are and what you should be, or want to be, is what breaks you into fragments, and the fragments are what makes you suffer and feel worthless or like you are not living a happy life.



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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