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Learning from imperfections.


Survival is competition, isn’t it…??  I mean, survival means struggle, it means I will beat you and be better than you, it means I will come up ahead in an argument or in this or that.

And that is why surviving never brings happiness or love to anyone and, of course, not to any relationship. 

When people desire to live together, get along with each other, enjoy life and enjoy themselves together, survival instinct has to be replaced by a mentality of pure love to understand and accept each other.

It is a given that no person is the same as the other, people are different, minds and feelings are diverse.  It doesn’t matter how similar their minds and lifestyles are, they indeed have differences in some aspect of life and living.

So, your mind has to be prepared to accept and love, to understand the meaning of your relationship with another, whether a family member or a romantic partner, whether a friend or a neighbor who just moved. 

This is the pathway towards learning in life.



And to learn from one another you must appreciate one another, such being appreciating the differences of one another.  This does not mean absolutely loving every aspect of the other person, but it does mean accepting and respecting the other person entirely, even when you do not agree in something together.


No one is perfect, but we can still learn from imperfections.




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