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Accept your human condition.




The human mind in survival mode is when our ego suffers, because of a loss, because of embarrassment, because of lies, because of this and that.  And this suffering, evidently, brings about the need (attachment) to escape it.

This happens whenever one suffers, attachment, this nagging need to change into joy or happiness our experience; however, this reaction to suffering is not conducive to the development of the human condition.

And the human condition must be accepted in each one of us, just as it is, pleasant or unpleasant; for your responsibility is not to force your human condition but to accept it, because in acceptance there is your strength, your wise development, the rich essence of moral values growing within you.

So, do not make yourself anxious, overwhelmed by stress and screaming survival mode, whenever you suffer or stand in front of a difficult situation; but welcome whatever you experience, do not complain and try to run away as fast as you can, be strong and allow your life to open your inner eye of understanding.

The worst you can do in life is to deny a situation by forcing change or by fearing it, even if it is extremely painful to you.  Forcing something is bullying something into change; life, as you, do not respond well to violence or bullying.

You must become one with your challenges, losses, difficult situations, thus in order to remain aware and anchored to life so to find the answers to move forward and create better futures.


Fear to suffering is your enemy.

Love brought into your suffering is what you must seek and so befriend.





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