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What is the point of life??

The way I see it, you must learn from others. If you judge others, then you’re missing the point. When you judge others, you imagine that they have your experiences and same ability to choose what you would choose; but this is almost never the case. We are all different. We have all been raised differently. Different habits. Different perspectives. The best one can do is learn from the mistakes and the perspectives of others. Because we are all different, for better or worse.

Focus on growing yourself, and on pushing yourself to be better. Don’t waste your energy and time on complaining and judging the behaviors of others. So many people complaining, getting angry, blaming others; and all their time is gone on this, while missing the point. The point is making yourself better. The point is becoming more and more self-aware. The point is looking inwardly and not outwardly. In life, we are born to discover ourselves as better human beings; and that can only be done if we look into ourselves, into our thinking, into our feeling, and then learn from all of it.

And if you are into the ‘Harry Potter’, and also the ‘Percy Jackson’ novels, then you’ll enjoy this series about gods, demons, magic, and self-discovery.

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The Egg. A reincarnation story.

A beautiful and intuitive void, white light and a glorious spectrum of colors resembling The Mother of all mothers, Mother Earth. He opened his eyes and looked around in a daze, “…Wh–Where am I…??” The voice came from the background, this man looked in corporeal form like anybody would, “Don’t fear, you are surely everywhere and nowhere. You are safe.” Then the man said, “Who are you??” Memories came to him rushing like fierce currents, ” I–I remember a car skidding towards me. Am I…dead…?! Is this the afterlife…??” And the man who looked like anybody answered calmly, “I am that which ‘I AM’ and yet anybody you know, but you never sought after me in the right place, thus you cannot really recognize me now. And, yes, you can call this the afterlife, if you still think death is the end of life. I call it That Moment which Changes Eternally.”

The man then stood up and marveled at the colorful spectra about him–but soon pangs of worry seize him! “What about my wife and child?! I have left them alone! I have to go back!!” Then the I AM smiled kindly and said, “You are truly blessed with a good heart, for you know to put your loved ones before you; and this is the Light of your Soul knocking, and as long as you answer it will always give identity and worth to your life.” The still concerned man insisted, “But what about them?!” The I AM continued, “Come, let us walk through this joyous Eden.” So they did. And the innocent animals were welcoming the man into their perfect land, and the birds sang sacred praises to THE ALL. Them The I AM continued, “To be honest, their grief is passing and their hearts are joyous, because although you did love them you never found a way to show it. They are somewhat relieved that you are free now, and that they are free from the life you had designed for them as well.

A tear rolled down his eyes, but a tear of pure bliss because he truly loved his family and knew they were better without him, “So what now?? Am I going to Hell…??” The I AM smiled again, then looked at him with a blessing, “No. You call this reincarnation–a new opportunity to reach full bliss, a new opportunity to find yourself and ascend to my heights.” The man frowned in thought, then added, “To ascend to your heights…?? Well, tell me, what is the meaning of life then…??” They kept walking, and the I AM soon replied, “Why do you ask me?? Why does everybody ask the same down there?? Don’t you know that of all my Creations man is the only creature still seeking that answer in a thought form. Look around you–” And the man did so. “The innocent animals, the wonderful plants, the silent rocks, the fresh waters, the wise earth beneath your feet. Do you think they are confused and asking questions to themselves about the meaning of life??” The man fell silent, humbled by THE WORD, then said again, “So, where do I go now…??” The I AM said, “You shall see when you come out of the womb, perhaps to the past, perhaps to the future, but always in the present; for the world and all Cosmic Creation is an Egg, and my children come out of that Egg dozens upon dozens of times, and the meaning is always flowing in that Egg, thus in you.” And they stopped walking, and then it all blackened, and then the man was gone into that Egg…

The cycle of life and death is just an illusion of the intellect, of the ego and its aggregates; for there is only transmutation of forms and energy fields, it is all change–i.e., a subtle manifestation of ethereal bodies and essences in the individual while the dissolution of egos and of personalities passes through their final suffering, their final death, to begin again a new, to have a new chance for development.


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