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What is the point of life??

The way I see it, you must learn from others. If you judge others, then you’re missing the point. When you judge others, you imagine that they have your experiences and same ability to choose what you would choose; but this is almost never the case. We are all different. We have all been raised differently. Different habits. Different perspectives. The best one can do is learn from the mistakes and the perspectives of others. Because we are all different, for better or worse.

Focus on growing yourself, and on pushing yourself to be better. Don’t waste your energy and time on complaining and judging the behaviors of others. So many people complaining, getting angry, blaming others; and all their time is gone on this, while missing the point. The point is making yourself better. The point is becoming more and more self-aware. The point is looking inwardly and not outwardly. In life, we are born to discover ourselves as better human beings; and that can only be done if we look into ourselves, into our thinking, into our feeling, and then learn from all of it.

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Increasing self-esteem.



  • Self-esteem is acceptance first.  It is a process of love.  You must accept yourself first.  Don’t look at your past mistakes, troubles, pains.  Detach yourself from past shames and heartaches.  You are Now.  Focus Now.  Self-esteem is gained Now by living Now.
  • Belief in yourself means being yourself first.  It is about embracing your inner values.  You work on yourself and become strong.  As you become strong, you then start expanding your awareness and realize that you are all you need.  You realize your own inner values.
  • When you have started this process, you do not stop but continue building yourself.  This leads you to seek validation only from yourself, and you increase in self-love.  Now you can feel self-esteem and the belief in yourself increasing, and thus you enjoy life much more because you have become confident and do not rely on others.  


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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder.





When you read something awakening, when you watch a lecture, when you think about the flaws of another, when you see the darkness in society.  As you do this, do you focus on your own flaws…?? 

Because the whole purpose of this life is to better yourself.  To better yourself, you must leave your ego and see your weaknesses.  What can you improve…??  What characteristic in your persona needs work??  We are all flawed, and this is the point.

We all must look not at others, but look at ourselves.  Don’t fill your mind with knowledge, but work on yourself.  Fix your pride.  Fix your envy.  Heal your past wounds.

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