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Through Hell to reach Heaven.

You are now accessing higher planes where time and space do not rule over your thinking and feeling; for you are using The Higher…

Do you realize that resisting pain or some form of suffering makes it even worse….??  Running away, distracting itself, and ignoring any form of suffering is what your mind does usually, doesn’t it…??
The Universe or Life is ruled by lower and higher planes of thought, conscious states, realms of consciousness, where there is suffering (hell) or true bliss (heaven); but the wild nature of the human mind, the grandiose ego, is always rebelling against these laws and thus always falling into hellish visions tied to this time and space.
The human mind falls into suffering, into the chaos that it brings by choosing the lower planes of existence, so its experience is hell; however, how interesting is it that the mind chooses to dwell in this lower consciousness and, at the same time, it tries to run away from it–by acquiring more beliefs, by praising more gods and saints, by more relationships, by seeking more material wealth, etc.–thus bringing more suffering and blindness into its own hell.

But how can the mind elevate itself to higher planes then…??  Consciousness is not of time and space, but the mundane human mind is; thus time and space keep the mind in lower conscious states, but the mind seeks love and happiness still, it is our nature to seek that experience, and the illusion tells the lower mind that it can be found in time and space.  It is a vicious cycle because this mind needs love and happiness, it desperately seeks it, but in running away from the suffering it remains in time and space; so, the only way to reach higher planes of thought is to embrace your suffering, your painful memories, your shame, your anger, etc..

When doing this, by embracing your pain, you come to the individual realization that you are elevating yourself over all the suffering, thus your consciousness actually elevates; because now you are living and accepting your present Now without past or future thoughts ruling you.  You are now accessing higher planes where time and space do not rule over your thinking and feeling; for you are using The Higher Universal Law against The Lower Universal Law… you are using true Alchemy… and you are reaching and dwelling in beautiful heaven…

“Rather follow the example of the wise, which the same authority states, ‘Use Law against Law; the higher against the lower; and by the Art of Alchemy transmute that which is undesirable into that which is worthy, and thus triumph’.”  ~ Three Initiates, Kybalion, A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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