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Mature love.

Broken heart…?? What sort of ignorant idiocy is this?! … But the heart is never broken, because love is not…


Does a mature and wise person “fall in love” or becomes love…??  Isn’t there a difference…??  Doesn’t “fall in love” imply a process of blind possession or slavery where you lose all conscience for the other person…??–But is this true love though…??

As I see it, a truly mature person, a wiser individual no matter the age, sees through all this pitiful and childish nonsense, and so he does not fall in love because he deeply understands that true love is an essence of beautiful and rich freedom which expands and does not own or become slave to another.  Why would you fall in love and lose reality of what love truly is…??


No, the wiser man knows what the heart of this connection we call love is, so he raises himself in love, he is love and thus fills himself and surrounds himself with this divine substance which wraps around whoever and whatever is in contact with him.

But the ignorant world has created this concept of falling in love, “falling;” as if love is a dangerous thing which bashes you on the head and you lose all conscience and freedom, you fall and you become a slave to another.  And so, now you are lost because your very identity is found in this other person who “made you” fall, you are obsessed with this person, you belong to this person and this person must belong to you, so there is jealousy, fear of losing this person, and the popular and egoistical belief/a threat of a “broken heart.”

Broken heart…??  What sort of ignorant idiocy is this?! … But the heart is never broken, because love is not a thing; and because true love in reality does not emanate from your heart muscle.  You may feel your heart beat fast, but that is just your ego/your desire making your heart go like that.  Love is literally the energy inside each cell of your body; thus, when you are truly in love, beyond desire and attachment, you feel it in your whole body like beautiful and harmonious symphony which gives you warmth, clarity of mind, courage, and freedom–and not any fear or confusion whatsoever…  Have you ever experienced this…??

And that is why two mature and wise persons in love help each other stay free, they become one because, even though there are two human beings now, love is an essence which penetrates all flesh and bone and so link each other by the energy inside each cell of their individual bodies.  Such divine energy which is attracted to each other like a moth to a flame.  There are no boundaries of matter, space or time in this deep and wonderful experience.


“Love does not claim possession, but gives freedom.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore; Bengali philosopher, short-story writer, novelist, dramatist, politician, song composer, essayist, playwright, painter, poet.


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