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A great mind.

Go beyond what you think

I have found that is extremely important to verify the content of our minds. Don’t just remain attached to your opinion, to your belief, to your tradition, to what others have said; but go beyond that and seek to open your mind to new perspectives through new information. This rigid attachment happens mostly to religious people and to people following politics.

I know from experience because I used to be religious. The scriptures, what people close to me said, what was preached in the Bible and in Church. All of it had stolen my ability to seek different perspectives and expand my mind. But I discovered that nothing is more important than to learn to think for yourself, without bias, without anything occupying room in your mind and misleading you.

Mental freedom

The mind is limited by its content. And that is why we must always be learning new things, new information, new science, new philosophies, new life views. Expand your mind’s content to bring freedom to your mind, such is freedom to think for yourself without being attached to anything.

Because what brings stubbornness, anxiety, pride, intolerance of others, is attachment to specific beliefs and viewpoints. Your mind must be free of this in order to understand yourself, others, and life itself. Freedom exists only when the mind is liberated from any attachment, and this liberation then gives you the capacity to open your mind and heart to all.


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Real power.

The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.

~ Vince Lombardi

What makes our lives…??

What makes us be who we are…??

Even if we do not want to be what we are, why are we what we are…??

The greatest mistake of people is to allow themselves to be guided by their circumstances and/or situations. Most of us carry ourselves and our habits, our moral compass and the ways to see life, according to how we feel in the moment. But how we feel in the moment will pass. Falling in love, that passion felt at first, this will pass; and it will require your commitment and loyalty to make the relationship work more than the passion felt. And how about good nutrition…?? If you are used to eating unhealthily since youth, then you will eat unhealthily in your older years; because your mind is used to eating as in youth.

This is why you begin training your mind in loyalty and commitment now, so relationships will work no matter what happens in your life. And about eating, the same. You begin training your mind in health rather than flavor now, so later in your more mature years you will greatly avoid problems for lack of health. Out of all these moral habits you built then, your mind becomes stronger, more expanded into intelligence and understanding of morality, and you enjoy life much more, and happiness joins you along your life’s journey. And that is what we all want, isn’t it…?? In this way, or in the other way, we all want happiness.

See, the real power, the real capacity to be great, is not in your situations, in where you were born, in the childhood you had, or in the fluctuations of this immoral society; but it is in you, because your mind is the creator of all you experience. If you drink alcohol, you chose to put poison in your body; so your mind will give you your experiences accordingly. If you choose to see your life in a negative way, your mind will give you more negativity in your life. Your mind is a magnet for whatever you experience in life. So, to remain aware of what you do daily is to watch carefully what you accept as your mind’s content. Your habits become what and who you are.

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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Becoming self-aware.



  • When you have a problem, the easy path is to blame others.  But this only imprisons you, anger, self-neglect, worthlessness even are born in  you.  Self-pity and self-victimization guide your thoughts and make you anxious, unable to move forward, and even in denial of your own faults.  You bring more pain into yourself, and you feel stuck in this pain.

  • But when you become self-aware, look into your trouble, struggle, or painful memory, without bias, you discover that you carry some of that blame.  This brings you freedom from attachment to this self-neglect and self-victimization.  This liberates you and expands your mind, and you become able to accept yourself and your life.  You can move forward now.


I’ve been on this journey for long to finally understand that our minds create our lives and every experience we have. I know we can all better our lives by individual self-development and spiritual understanding. Check out my self-help books to enlighten yourself and others.

Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Through Hell to reach Heaven.

Do you realize that resisting pain or some form of suffering makes it even worse….??  Running away, distracting itself, and ignoring any form of suffering is what your mind does usually, doesn’t it…??
The Universe or Life is ruled by lower and higher planes of thought, conscious states, realms of consciousness, where there is suffering (hell) or true bliss (heaven); but the wild nature of the human mind, the grandiose ego, is always rebelling against these laws and thus always falling into hellish visions tied to this time and space.
The human mind falls into suffering, into the chaos that it brings by choosing the lower planes of existence, so its experience is hell; however, how interesting is it that the mind chooses to dwell in this lower consciousness and, at the same time, it tries to run away from it–by acquiring more beliefs, by praising more gods and saints, by more relationships, by seeking more material wealth, etc.–thus bringing more suffering and blindness into its own hell.

But how can the mind elevate itself to higher planes then…??  Consciousness is not of time and space, but the mundane human mind is; thus time and space keep the mind in lower conscious states, but the mind seeks love and happiness still, it is our nature to seek that experience, and the illusion tells the lower mind that it can be found in time and space.  It is a vicious cycle because this mind needs love and happiness, it desperately seeks it, but in running away from the suffering it remains in time and space; so, the only way to reach higher planes of thought is to embrace your suffering, your painful memories, your shame, your anger, etc..

When doing this, by embracing your pain, you come to the individual realization that you are elevating yourself over all the suffering, thus your consciousness actually elevates; because now you are living and accepting your present Now without past or future thoughts ruling you.  You are now accessing higher planes where time and space do not rule over your thinking and feeling; for you are using The Higher Universal Law against The Lower Universal Law… you are using true Alchemy… and you are reaching and dwelling in beautiful heaven…

“Rather follow the example of the wise, which the same authority states, ‘Use Law against Law; the higher against the lower; and by the Art of Alchemy transmute that which is undesirable into that which is worthy, and thus triumph’.”  ~ Three Initiates, Kybalion, A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece



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Stories to ponder.

Out and without limits.

I…  I saw blackness…  Yes, pure and frightening, cold to the very marrow of my bones.  Pitch dark like night without moonlight, it was.  I…  I thought I was done, or… I did not think I existed or I had ever existed.  Who was I…??  Or what was I…??  Are you taking notes right now?  I see your bright eyes upon mine and I think you are following this, but your expensive pen is not moving.

The…  The obnoxious, chattering voices were gone now; they had haunted me while I stared into that ceiling, white and smooth, in the corridor and then in the room.  I thought my casket.  Blood was everywhere, somehow I knew but I couldn’t feel it because I was cold and in a… in a state of… absence, you know…  Suddenly, I felt fresh and sharper, mentally, all I felt and experienced was my mind, but quiet, forgiving, in peaceful unity somehow because there were no dual voices, no noise and no distraction.  Just the experience of being there.  And a bright light, not blinding but spewing energy and a brightness which gave me confidence, strength, courage.  It was not above me this light, but I…  I think it was all over, wherever I was, or perhaps I was the light because I found no division between this light and my persona or my mind.  But, yes, definitely, I knew I existed now.  Yes.  Hey,  pay attention–  People should know this; some will mock it, some will believe it and connect to my experience, some will just accept it for what it is…  Whatever it is.

The article will be in the cover, yes?  I need to spread my message.  Or whatever happened.  It is unbelievable, isn’t it?  Is hard to believe it myself, but I was there, I… was everywhere.  I think.  Maybe.  Definitely!  …So the light, man, wow–  I cannot explain really.  I had walked under the very Summer sun before, but this… this was me, and I was the sun.  But I was more, much more.  There was no tunnel though, there were stars and forms and other lights at a distance.  And soon there were many colors, textures, sweet harmony–music or sounds really low but kind of vibrating…  Yes!  Vibrating within me, or around me, or all over really.  Was it all a dynamic but peaceful dance…??  I am not sure, but I was fresh and moving.  I do not know for sure if I traveled or not, if I displaced an inch or not, but I did see everything happening.  The doctors.  The nurses.  The techs.  The constantly loud machines.  And… the blood.  So much of it.  And I saw and I experienced myself.  How was that possible…??  I don’t know, but my vision, my hearing, and everything else was maximized tremendously.

And I was now feeling my arms, my legs, my head, my heart beating steady, but my thoughts weren’t there, it was a blank.  Was I really empty…??…  Mind is everything, I read in one of your articles.  And, yet, mine wasn’t chatting anymore, it was not there.  Perhaps, I was experiencing my mind in quiet mode, a more elevated mind I did not know existed before.  Universal Mind…??  Infinite Intelligence…??  But I kept looking at me and the others in a sort of trance.  I was there but I was not there, like I was experiencing a world beyond what I had before experienced.  Don’t forget to add that to your notes, it is very important.  We’ve just started this… 


Your consciousness is not limited to your brain and body, but it is outside them as well.  Through the hidden and mysterious mind, the subconscious mind, you tune into Infinite Intelligence.  In certain human situations, people call this out-of-body experiences and also astral projection, but in reality you do not go anywhere; you stay put because your consciousness is everywhere already, but your mind and body are limited and affected by what you know of your limited world, stored memories in your subconscious, so you feel like you have moved to places.  You are everything already.

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The free mind of a human god!

Sage within.

“To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind.  If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.”  ~ Buddha; ascetic and sage, spiritual teacher.
“We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.”  ~ George Bernard Shaw; Irish playwright, critic and polemicist.

     Most of us believe that our actions will make a dent in time and space for the creation of our path to better health, better economy, and better relationships overall; however, we often get so caught up and lost into the murky waters of our thoughts of anxiety and stress that we think that we are making the right choices and cementing a solid path to individual success and all bliss.  There is no solid path to bliss though, no direct path to what we deserve or want, but only the capacity to learn and discover wisdom within ourselves through all the rich experiences (some pleasant, some unpleasant) we live as human beings; hence, life is not bias or egotistical, life is pure and free-flowing, not tied to anything like we are tied to our views and opinions, to our intellect and knowledge of the world around us, so we must discover the truth to follow within ourselves and our hearts, and not follow the opinions and biased views of our own intellects.
     It happens all too often that we have a death in the family, go through bankruptcy, or through some other personal tragedy, so we build a wall around our hearts and we weaken the ability to all emotional intelligence and human connection while trying to protect us from the blow.  We feel miserable and treated unfairly even though we wear a smile on our face and go through life like everything is perfect, but inside there is always something which does not feel right and, perhaps, makes us feel inferior at something or broken or suspicious at others.
    Failure at creating rich value within ourselves, and thus keeping our feelings bottled up by not sharing and connecting with others, will rob us of the discovery of wisdom within ourselves to create all beauty and success in our life.  And true wisdom is not something you find in the experiences you live (although that seems to be the main consensus nowadays, among all the divorces and the wars and the corruption going on around us), but true wisdom to enrich your own life is found within yourself by stopping your ego (the everyday monkey mind that goes 100 mph within you) and absorbing the details of your outward experiences–i,e. being curious about your own life, as in:  Why did this happen right at the time it happened…??  What is the significance of the things I feel based on what happened…??  Why do I react the way I do to what is happening…??  Etc. etc.
     We cannot expect to find wisdom out there, in our relationships, in our actions, and in all the events out there; but we must be diligent and curious about inquiring within our own selves at all times, which is when we find out that we are all we need to reach all success in life.  Once you discover this within yourself, than you accept yourself as you are and feel, and accept others as they are and feel as well, and you then reach true and immense wisdom which creates enormous value to connect with others and build bridges to all prosperity out into the world around you and far from all anxiety and stress brought by your intellect/ego.
Business mind.

The diamond in the rough (1-min. read)

“By constant self-discipline and self-control you can develop greatness of character.” ~ Grenville Kleiser; instructor in public speaking and motivational speaker and author.


     When I was a child I had a very serious foot surgery, or surgery of a serious flat feet condition.  After this surgery, I had extremely painful months without moving, and then I had to learn to walk again going through therapy and whatnot.  From that serious challenge in my life, one which I always remember when I look at the huge warrior scars left on each side of my feet, I learned that the path to self-discipline is patience and unwavering focus on the higher goals one has, which in my case back then was the goal of my utter recovery from that feet condition to thus start walking again in my normal living, to go back to the clear and complete functioning of my legs and feet.  But, most importantly, I learned that self-discipline itself lies in the details of the direction of our thoughts.  I came to the realization that to have self-discipline one needs to give a certain useful direction to thought-energies, because it is all about how to use and guide mental energies.

See, thoughts are powerful energy, but misguided or diamond-in-the-rough energy, that needs to be given a constructive purpose and a path to create or reach a condition desired—i.e. great inner wisdom, solid self-confidence, constant fearlessness, attractive qualities, wealth of character, etc. etc.; it all may be reached through the molding and shaping of this almighty energy we call ‘self-discipline.’



Furthermore, this mentioned entity itself is indeed a condition living and flowing freely within our immense consciousness, or conscious awareness of yourself and of the world around you.  This is why many people seem not to have self-discipline or even embrace their Higher Selves through self-discipline, because, as mentioned above, it is indeed a living state or condition in our conscious awareness; and this means that as long as we increase our conscious awareness of the exact goals we have, gather the necessary mental data to plan the reaching of those goals, and inquire within ourselves as to the real meaning for us to get what we desire, then we will accomplish and master self-discipline without a doubt, but if we do not do these things nothing will be accomplished due to a weak mind condition and poor vision of what we desire (a sickness which poisons the mental awareness of the masses).

Like this, humanity considers diamonds extremely valuable; however, have you really pondered the origin of diamonds and the similarity they reflect upon the mental energy or energies we are talking about here…??  Let us then mull over the implications together, shall we?:  Millions, or even billions of years ago, tremendous heat and pressure turned pure carbon into colorless diamond crystals one hundred miles or more below the earth’s crust.  Eventually, volcanic activity brought diamonds closer to the earth’s surface.  Volcanic pipes, or Kimberlite pipes, drive diamonds to the surface while cooling them on the way up; and, so, today diamonds are indeed mined in areas which have had volcanic activity in the past, including ocean floors and gravel beds.  Now, as diamonds travel up to the shell of  the earth, they occasionally combine with trace amounts of other minerals even as they take on  a wealthy variety of colors.

Although these stunning, admired gemstones may give the sudden impression of being feeble glass, they are actually the hardest, most natural material on Planet Earth.  This is a very accurate and beautiful example to describe the hidden energies of self-discipline within you.  In the same sense, we can reflect upon it with the equal admiration we may have for these precious gems, if not with more admiration and clear awe, since self-discipline may provide to you enormous wealth beyond your very dreams.  Once, pure carbon was worthless and living in the innermost depths of the earth, more like the raw energies of passion and self-discipline exist together in our consciousness or conscious awareness—i.e. both are beyond our practical use, both are of no value whatsoever to us in that raw state or natural condition.

But as the volcanic activity happens and brings these diamonds in the rough up to the surface, they transform or transmute into something exceedingly valuable and rare; as you can see in the example, this same volcanic activity in us is the sheer will or unrelenting desire to bring these raw energies (diamonds in the rough) up to the surface of our own minds to be converted or  transmuted into powerful self-discipline we can use to better ourselves and our lives.


Anatomy and physiology of life

The dark cloud.

“What I try to do is write.  I may write for two weeks ‘the cat sat on the mat, that is that, not a rat.’  And it might be just the most boring and awful stuff.  But I try.  When I’m writing, I write.  And then it’s as if the muse is convinced that I’m serious and says, ‘Okay.  Okay. I’ll come.’”  — Maya Angelou; American poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist.


     “Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown.  The condition ranges in difficulty from coming up with original ideas to being unable to produce a work for years.  Throughout history, writer’s block has been a documented problem.”  Jesus Christ!– They make it look like is some dying of brain cells or some serious and irreversible condition!  I have to say, when I read this in Wikipedia I couldn’t believe how much fuss they have made over it, and this is exactly why most people see writer’s block as a real condition, like having the flu, or a stomach virus, or, even worse, a serious breathing problem or some type of mental disease or even a cancer.  But, remember, what you think you become, and what you think constantly about your mind creates as reality.  Reality in your life is what your mind says it is, because as you think you start believing; hence, once you start believing something, the cellular make-up in your body produces the chemicals and the sensations your body and your mind design in you as what you call writer’s block.

As a really serious writer and deep thinker, this is a very important topic for me personally; because at some point in the beginning of my career I also thought (because of all the fuss they keep making about it) that I would suffer this from time to time, and I have walked out of my computer desk just because I thought writer’s block was something real and that I had to rest my brain for a few days to heal and be ready to welcome the muse again.  But, in reality, I discovered that it is just a trick of the mind, like the fear we may experience in life or the anxiety we create just by thinking about the things that can go wrong in our life.  Furthermore, it is the pride we feel in writing something superb and excellent from the first line, we want that feeling of knowing that the writing is great from the get-go, we want to know that we are great in the first stroke of the pen or key-stroke of the computer; hence, it is not a real condition of the mind but the fear and impatience of creating something marvelous in the first page.  And that makes it all kept under our control, and we do not have to walk out of the desk whenever we feel this, and even lose days without writing.



So, it is worth noting that which is understood at this point, that the muse or essence/power of writing is not on waiting for something divine to present itself into our minds, but the key is to demand it passively because it is our right and gift as human beings, it is essentially creative energy in our consciousness (in the consciousness of the garbage man as in the consciousness of the professional writer; however, this creative energy is more pronounced in the writer due to the mental practice and the living we make out of using it every day). 

Now, as professional and serious writers we have to push through the lethargy and boredom of watching the blank page, just like the marathon runner which does have to actually start running to achieve his goals of competing in the marathon and accustom his muscles to be great at it, even though he might not feel the energy to run that particular morning.  It is all about starting, even though you might not have great thoughts to start writing, even though you might not have all the details of the character or the scenery in your mind’s eye, even thought you might not have a specific path for your story or character, even though you might not have an idea to create your character, and even though you might start writing uninteresting nonsense about your story, so I repeat, IT IS ALL IN STARTING SOMETHING, your job is to write, period, so write without excuses.

While you start your writing perhaps not very interestingly, it will develop itself, ideas will start coming to you because then your conscious energy will be attracted by your commitment and strength of will (the traits of the true leader); therefore, this energy or muse is yours for the taking, and if you do your part then it will follow your wishes to succeed in your writing venture.  You are the master and leader, the muse is your servant and follower; however, most writers think that they are the servants and followers of this so-called muse, just waiting for it to strike and make its appearance, just hoping to allure this substance of creativity by not chasing it and by praying that it comes on its own.

The muse or creative energy does not come to you from the conscious mind, even though we use the conscious to mold ideas and structure story plots; it comes from the subconscious, which is where imagination comes from, and we have heard many great artists say that they have gotten great ideas and art forms from their dreams and from taking nature walks–i. e. being one with this divine energy which belongs to each of us, but we need to embrace it and claim it if we are to use it to our own advantage.  But, as it is, the ego (the lazy, dual and all-confusing, monkey mind) lives in the conscious mind, and this ego we can experience it more when the mind tries to wait for a “stroke of genius” to come on its own, if you will; and so it is this ego-substance which tells us that we have writer’s block, and which tells us that we are not ready to write something creative and interesting, and which tells us that we cannot come up with anything to write about.



To make it shorter, we can beat the ego by “taking the bull by the horns,” as they say, by being our own leader and demanding the right to creativity; this is done, in my own experience, by brainstorming on a piece of paper about characters, scenes, story plots, emotional and psychological content, story messages and impressions you want to express, whatever you want to write related to your story.  This is also done by writing whatever you have in mind at the moment, because, the more you stare to that blank page, the more confusion and fear of writing your ego will communicate to your mind and body.  Besides, remember, the real story-telling is not in the clarity and strength of your first draft, but it is in the editing; thus, the editing makes the story attractive because you are clearer in your vision, but for this clarity to come and appear you need a first draft (it does not matter what it looks like).

So, keep writing without being a perfectionist, which kills the art; see, true art is not about perfection, but true art is about human vulnerability and emotional expression.  This moves people, it connects people.  Nobody on earth is perfect, so perfection does not connect people, it distances people and it distances you from your real art.  Do not be afraid of writing and developing ideas.  You are in command if you wish to be and start writing patiently but steadily.  Rome was not built in a day.



The free mind of a human god!

The lone wolf (1-min. read)

“Being alone adds beauty to life.  It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better.”  ~ Henry Rollins; American musician, actor, writer, television and radio host, and comedian.

     Freedom is something most people do not really understand because they tend to be deceived by their egos and their pleasures or fanaticism.  No one can tell you what freedom really is, not the politicians, not the commercials on TV, not movies, not your friends, not co-workers, not your family, and not even your own intellect; for freedom is not really a concept but it goes beyond that, so it is not created by man, even though by being able to vote or walk around freely or choose your romantic partner you feel free.  It is all an illusion of the conscious mind, of the ego; there is no freedom created by man, there is only the grand illusion of freedom, and this is why people aren’t 100% happy and there are wars and divorces and this and that issue in the world.  People think they are truly free, and once the illusion runs out then their minds start feeling overwhelmed and overflood with fear and desperation, hatred and anxiety towards themselves, towards others, and towards situations which pin them against a wall they themselves have built.
     For example, people vote and think they choose, but the decision has already been made for them, and this is not democracy but the superficiality of it to keep the masses compliant and subservient, and this leads to the suffering of the many and the glory of the few–and yet the many do not see this, because they walk with a blindfold over their eyes.  Another example is watching TV; today the media exposes news of corruption and violence in the world–  But, think about it, is it really the whole truth that they choose to show you, or superficial news to entertain you and divert your attention from the core problems…?? 
Again, to keep the masses compliant and subservient, minds bent to the will of the society’s system they have already chosen for you; thus, the chaos of a rebellion of the Higher Mind and the individuality of each person are seduced and kept asleep, and if the masses continue their sleep then the illusions continue, rich empires continue growing richer, the poor get poorer, people continue to eat and drink ignoring all health while their minds and bodies are kept weak and chained to lower thinking and to doctors which pump the system with drugs, all profits from unneeded items go up, blood-money from wars and from the negligence of countries on starving people increases, etc. etc.
     Now, it is the unwise man which follows all this, the sheep whose eyes are closed to that which lies beyond the facade of society.  The wise man understands and knows this and, even though he lives among these sheep (which are his friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc. etc.), he becomes the wolf himself because he knows that truth and happiness are only found within himself and not in society’s magic tricks, for he doesn’t let the egotistical veil of the world fall upon his eye, and this is because he knows himself and others–i. e. he sees with his inner eye and so beyond the illusion his own ego and the ego of others create.  He is fully awakened, and yet he lives, loves, and interacts among and with the asleep ones.  He carries peace in his mind and heart, because he controls his desires and reactions to the environment and to the asleep people he comes in contact with.  He understands at a deeper level that which drives the asleep to anger and fills them with fear, which is all economic ups and downs, relationships misunderstandings, and the anxiety and mental distress death brings.  He sees clearly through the veil of the mundane life and he elevates himself to a constant state of mental and spiritual awareness which fills him with constant blissfulness.
     Being alone is a source of incredible energy and great wisdom for the mind, and that is why great artists and innovators, as well as great spiritual teachers, have talked about the power of creativity flowing from the depths of the subconscious (subconscious which can only be accessed through the process of being alone and in peace and acceptance of oneself and others).  Being alone, taking respectful and enriching time for yourself is recharging your inner batteries, the energy of your cells flowing freely and giving you deeper understanding and strength to create and stand on your own, uniquely and powerfully to reach all goals with determination and faith.
     The way to reach this state is to leave the nuisance and stupidity of the world and the society you live in, by being self-disciplined in your own mind and heart and rejecting that from your culture and your society which does not create health in you (mentally and physically).  And this goes against the ego, I know, which always points the way towards all unhealthy options and banal pleasures of the mind and flesh; however, there is no more misguided and obtuse path to self-sabotage of your higher goals and to all mental and physical suffering than to follow your lower instincts and rogue thoughts and emotions.  This should be a reminder for all of us to always be aware of ourselves and the society’s allures.
 And which one are you, the wise or the unwise man, the strong or the weak man…??

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The free mind of a human god!

The way of the magic (1-min. read)

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”  ~ Albert Einstein; German-American physicist and major influencer on the philosophy of science.
     Everything you see with your mind and with your physical eyes as well, and everything you experience within and around you is made up of energy, highly conscious energy.  The great buildings, the great art, computers, trees, grass, soil, clouds, air, relationships, events, humans and animals, the past, the present, the future, and absolutely everything else you can think of is born and sustained out of energy; such energy shaping and guiding it all, the energy which creates it all.  And when it comes to the man-made stuff I just mentioned, like great buildings, it was first born into the mind of someone; therefore, someone saw it within his mind, moved the psychic energy around to fit a shape, quality and meaning, and compiled it into a vivid realization with a unique message for the human race, then that same mind worked with other minds and brought the mental image into the outer material world, but great imagination is always behind it all.
     In human relationships, for example, there are so many arguments and disputes, bad judgements and frustrations, break-ups and divorces, all misunderstandings and misconceptions which lead to confusion, disappointment and suffering, because most of us forget or ignore the existence and higher purpose of this energy or energies; hence, the building essence of all relationships is to find a way (and there is always a way) to work together as families, friends, lovers, partners, neighbors, etc. etc., but we ignorantly use our ego (which is not even close to the energies of imagination and creativity) while believing erroneously that our reason and perspective, intellect, can always fix and enrich everything.  This is our lower-thinking because it is guided by the ego and its selfishness (even though we might not think we are being selfish at the time; the purpose of the ego is to make it look normal and deceive us into thinking we are right and fair).
     Imagination is not just creating a beautiful work of art or innovating with a brilliant idea, but it is knowing how to create value within your own persona and share that value with others in relationships, it is how to work out problems or issues and get to solutions in your life, and perhaps most importantly is the moving of people by connecting with them and not by enforcing your opinions or demands in a certain situation–for example, if you and your significant other have a problem and you enforce your views then there is going to be resistance and maybe even frustration in the other person; however, if you use and manage your imagination you can come up with a more meaningful way in which you can benefit both, and that can help you get a better connection in the relationship and deeper understanding of both viewpoints.
Imagination is that which builds, because it molds to the higher understanding and necessity of the human being, it is flexible and nonlinear; but reason and logic do not build, because they are strict, linear.
     But the ego does not build, it deceives people into thinking reason and logic out of the ego-mind creates and designs all; however, whatever creates true beauty and absolute harmony in the world and in all your relationships is divine energy, or energy which is not flawed or bias like the ego energies of the mind.  This divine energy (which is only called “divine” because it comes from far beyond time and space and the very mortality of man) is all true creativity and honest manifestation of beauty and strength, and by being shaped and given qualities by our minds then it is called imagination due to the images we form with it.
“You can’t do it unless you can imagine it.”  ~ George Lucas; American filmmaker and entrepreneur.
     But, you see, the imagination within our minds, or the essence of this energy, is raw, unformed, with no qualities and textures of this physical reality, because this, as mentioned above, is divine energy coming from beyond space and time (space and time is created by the movement of matter, is created by our mundane thought to fit our corporeal lives here); however, this is highly conscious and dynamic energy which is inside each cell of our bodies, each nerve, and all around us making the rich and creative substance of universes themselves, and so this means that we have to interact with it all the time to bring this raw energy into the material world and in this way design what we would like to see and experience every single day–i.e. more patience and care in relationships, money and prosperity, motivation and intention to succeed in helping and accepting others, more talents to further our own advancement in life, etc. etc.
     Imagination is the moving forward of all beauty and truth through the interaction of our minds in creating peace and prosperity, love and motivation; but, this is deep understanding of the Higher Mind now, it must have our honest and dedicated effort to bring it into our lives as we wish constantly, and the issue we have to always be aware of is that we are always creating and desiring, whether we want to or not, consciously or subconsciously.
     So in order to build manifestations centered in good relationships, a better financial status, greater motivation to succeed, higher visions of what you must do to better yourself, make sure your heartfelt desires and higher perspectives about yourself, others and the world around you, stay away from the deceits of your ego before you create using the greater energy of imagination.