Self-help life truths.

Driven (1-min. read)

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.  The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”  ~ Nelson Mandela; former President of South Africa, anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician, and philanthropist.
     When I was living in Texas and my father died my whole world crumbled to pieces, I was truly devastated, because I had spent serious amounts of time with him and we had been really close.  He died suddenly from pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) after a few days in the hospital; he never knew his condition, we did not know either, but it grew within him like cancer.  After he died, I became depressed and lonely, I cried for days and did not feel the energy to do anything; this man which was noble and a perfect role model for me had now left me alone with my immaturity, fears, and in a country which was immensely different from Argentina.
     After a while of sobbing and feeling sorry for myself, light shone upon me from somewhere within me and I knew what I had to do right then and there; I knew then that I had to choose between wallowing in my own pathetic tears of self-pity, or face the world like the lion faces the jungle without fear and with a mighty heart of conquest.  And it took me time after various trials after that, after working and jumping from job to job, and after dealing with my loss and fighting life beside my family, but I finally understood that which is already in our hearts but whispers and is really difficult to hear with all the pitiful cries and garbage spewed by the monkey mind and the fears it brings to us.  Yes, I understood that I had this unstoppable energy, this drive flooding each cell in my body and flowing down the river of my bloodstream, and all this strength of mind which said to keep going, relentlessly, powerfully, faithfully against the mediocrity and bullshit of the world around me.
     See, in God’s nature the lion roars and everybody becomes silent and still.  In God’s nature, the lion walks and everybody gets out of its way.  In God’s nature, the lion roars and the weaker animals cower in its very presence.  In God’s nature, the lion emanates respect and authority, and the others know it, they feel it.
     In the weak and artificial nature man has created, there is no lion, only sheep; however, the illusion is that being like the rest of the sheep is the popular thing, therefore the normal, strong, and natural thing, as in the godly thing.  Love is all!  Love all around!  Yay!–  Angels and bullshit from Heaven.  Religions, of course, do not preach otherwise; they say the same, just read the Bible, pray, follow others, be kind, of good heart, and that’s it.  And yet, people still die from depression wallowing in loss and fear, people still underfoot and living in poverty, people still cry and live in the past over and over and over again never believing in this energy inside them.
     God’s nature is the lion and not the sheep.  Through my own experience I have learned that we are here on this earth to thrive and get ahead, to fulfill our great destinies which we create with heartfelt decisions, to be more than just mediocre machines working to pay the bills and getting married and procreating.  Love and being kind in your journey is something to live every single day, something noble as the noble predators, godly and powerful creatures we are; however, that WILL NOT get you to great success, to fulfill your higher purpose (the reason why you have a body and a mind).  Leadership means being strong and not just kind and loving, thus leadership will create you into the real lion living in God’s nature–i.e. the true nature inside your cellular make-up, flowing and being bright within you, ready to make a transfiguration of the weaker you into the stronger, driven you.  Unstoppable and powerful, that is what you are; but, obviously, like I did, you need to choose a higher mind and to work hard at being stronger every day, committed.
     Stop expecting your life to be made better only by your faith and by your good heart; having faith and heart is good and noble, but you need to take care of yourself, use and manage your energies from within you to become a lion and be driven, truly unstoppable in a world full of mediocre sheep whose higher purpose is to pay their bills, get married and procreate–i.e work for food, shelter, and mating, just like the lower animals in nature.
The free mind of a human god!

The lone wolf (1-min. read)

“Being alone adds beauty to life.  It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better.”  ~ Henry Rollins; American musician, actor, writer, television and radio host, and comedian.

     Freedom is something most people do not really understand because they tend to be deceived by their egos and their pleasures or fanaticism.  No one can tell you what freedom really is, not the politicians, not the commercials on TV, not movies, not your friends, not co-workers, not your family, and not even your own intellect; for freedom is not really a concept but it goes beyond that, so it is not created by man, even though by being able to vote or walk around freely or choose your romantic partner you feel free.  It is all an illusion of the conscious mind, of the ego; there is no freedom created by man, there is only the grand illusion of freedom, and this is why people aren’t 100% happy and there are wars and divorces and this and that issue in the world.  People think they are truly free, and once the illusion runs out then their minds start feeling overwhelmed and overflood with fear and desperation, hatred and anxiety towards themselves, towards others, and towards situations which pin them against a wall they themselves have built.
     For example, people vote and think they choose, but the decision has already been made for them, and this is not democracy but the superficiality of it to keep the masses compliant and subservient, and this leads to the suffering of the many and the glory of the few–and yet the many do not see this, because they walk with a blindfold over their eyes.  Another example is watching TV; today the media exposes news of corruption and violence in the world–  But, think about it, is it really the whole truth that they choose to show you, or superficial news to entertain you and divert your attention from the core problems…?? 
Again, to keep the masses compliant and subservient, minds bent to the will of the society’s system they have already chosen for you; thus, the chaos of a rebellion of the Higher Mind and the individuality of each person are seduced and kept asleep, and if the masses continue their sleep then the illusions continue, rich empires continue growing richer, the poor get poorer, people continue to eat and drink ignoring all health while their minds and bodies are kept weak and chained to lower thinking and to doctors which pump the system with drugs, all profits from unneeded items go up, blood-money from wars and from the negligence of countries on starving people increases, etc. etc.
     Now, it is the unwise man which follows all this, the sheep whose eyes are closed to that which lies beyond the facade of society.  The wise man understands and knows this and, even though he lives among these sheep (which are his friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc. etc.), he becomes the wolf himself because he knows that truth and happiness are only found within himself and not in society’s magic tricks, for he doesn’t let the egotistical veil of the world fall upon his eye, and this is because he knows himself and others–i. e. he sees with his inner eye and so beyond the illusion his own ego and the ego of others create.  He is fully awakened, and yet he lives, loves, and interacts among and with the asleep ones.  He carries peace in his mind and heart, because he controls his desires and reactions to the environment and to the asleep people he comes in contact with.  He understands at a deeper level that which drives the asleep to anger and fills them with fear, which is all economic ups and downs, relationships misunderstandings, and the anxiety and mental distress death brings.  He sees clearly through the veil of the mundane life and he elevates himself to a constant state of mental and spiritual awareness which fills him with constant blissfulness.
     Being alone is a source of incredible energy and great wisdom for the mind, and that is why great artists and innovators, as well as great spiritual teachers, have talked about the power of creativity flowing from the depths of the subconscious (subconscious which can only be accessed through the process of being alone and in peace and acceptance of oneself and others).  Being alone, taking respectful and enriching time for yourself is recharging your inner batteries, the energy of your cells flowing freely and giving you deeper understanding and strength to create and stand on your own, uniquely and powerfully to reach all goals with determination and faith.
     The way to reach this state is to leave the nuisance and stupidity of the world and the society you live in, by being self-disciplined in your own mind and heart and rejecting that from your culture and your society which does not create health in you (mentally and physically).  And this goes against the ego, I know, which always points the way towards all unhealthy options and banal pleasures of the mind and flesh; however, there is no more misguided and obtuse path to self-sabotage of your higher goals and to all mental and physical suffering than to follow your lower instincts and rogue thoughts and emotions.  This should be a reminder for all of us to always be aware of ourselves and the society’s allures.
 And which one are you, the wise or the unwise man, the strong or the weak man…??

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The free mind of a human god!

The way of the magic (1-min. read)

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”  ~ Albert Einstein; German-American physicist and major influencer on the philosophy of science.
     Everything you see with your mind and with your physical eyes as well, and everything you experience within and around you is made up of energy, highly conscious energy.  The great buildings, the great art, computers, trees, grass, soil, clouds, air, relationships, events, humans and animals, the past, the present, the future, and absolutely everything else you can think of is born and sustained out of energy; such energy shaping and guiding it all, the energy which creates it all.  And when it comes to the man-made stuff I just mentioned, like great buildings, it was first born into the mind of someone; therefore, someone saw it within his mind, moved the psychic energy around to fit a shape, quality and meaning, and compiled it into a vivid realization with a unique message for the human race, then that same mind worked with other minds and brought the mental image into the outer material world, but great imagination is always behind it all.
     In human relationships, for example, there are so many arguments and disputes, bad judgements and frustrations, break-ups and divorces, all misunderstandings and misconceptions which lead to confusion, disappointment and suffering, because most of us forget or ignore the existence and higher purpose of this energy or energies; hence, the building essence of all relationships is to find a way (and there is always a way) to work together as families, friends, lovers, partners, neighbors, etc. etc., but we ignorantly use our ego (which is not even close to the energies of imagination and creativity) while believing erroneously that our reason and perspective, intellect, can always fix and enrich everything.  This is our lower-thinking because it is guided by the ego and its selfishness (even though we might not think we are being selfish at the time; the purpose of the ego is to make it look normal and deceive us into thinking we are right and fair).
     Imagination is not just creating a beautiful work of art or innovating with a brilliant idea, but it is knowing how to create value within your own persona and share that value with others in relationships, it is how to work out problems or issues and get to solutions in your life, and perhaps most importantly is the moving of people by connecting with them and not by enforcing your opinions or demands in a certain situation–for example, if you and your significant other have a problem and you enforce your views then there is going to be resistance and maybe even frustration in the other person; however, if you use and manage your imagination you can come up with a more meaningful way in which you can benefit both, and that can help you get a better connection in the relationship and deeper understanding of both viewpoints.
Imagination is that which builds, because it molds to the higher understanding and necessity of the human being, it is flexible and nonlinear; but reason and logic do not build, because they are strict, linear.
     But the ego does not build, it deceives people into thinking reason and logic out of the ego-mind creates and designs all; however, whatever creates true beauty and absolute harmony in the world and in all your relationships is divine energy, or energy which is not flawed or bias like the ego energies of the mind.  This divine energy (which is only called “divine” because it comes from far beyond time and space and the very mortality of man) is all true creativity and honest manifestation of beauty and strength, and by being shaped and given qualities by our minds then it is called imagination due to the images we form with it.
“You can’t do it unless you can imagine it.”  ~ George Lucas; American filmmaker and entrepreneur.
     But, you see, the imagination within our minds, or the essence of this energy, is raw, unformed, with no qualities and textures of this physical reality, because this, as mentioned above, is divine energy coming from beyond space and time (space and time is created by the movement of matter, is created by our mundane thought to fit our corporeal lives here); however, this is highly conscious and dynamic energy which is inside each cell of our bodies, each nerve, and all around us making the rich and creative substance of universes themselves, and so this means that we have to interact with it all the time to bring this raw energy into the material world and in this way design what we would like to see and experience every single day–i.e. more patience and care in relationships, money and prosperity, motivation and intention to succeed in helping and accepting others, more talents to further our own advancement in life, etc. etc.
     Imagination is the moving forward of all beauty and truth through the interaction of our minds in creating peace and prosperity, love and motivation; but, this is deep understanding of the Higher Mind now, it must have our honest and dedicated effort to bring it into our lives as we wish constantly, and the issue we have to always be aware of is that we are always creating and desiring, whether we want to or not, consciously or subconsciously.
     So in order to build manifestations centered in good relationships, a better financial status, greater motivation to succeed, higher visions of what you must do to better yourself, make sure your heartfelt desires and higher perspectives about yourself, others and the world around you, stay away from the deceits of your ego before you create using the greater energy of imagination.
The free mind of a human god!

The bright light behind the fog.

“Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker.  Expose your ideas to the danger of controversy.  Speak your mind and fear less the label of ‘crackpot’ than the stigma of conformity.”  ~ Thomas J. Watson; American businessman, pioneer in the development of accounting and computer equipment used today.
     An illusion is a distortion of the senses, revealing how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation.
Have these in mind– How do most people come to know what they know? Through other people, thoughts, ideas, self-deceits of their own minds, and books, right…?? And, more precisely, how are these same thoughts arising and how are they written…?? By human beings with an ego and a goal to reach, after thinking the thoughts in their mind.

Let us switch now–

      Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of what is happening or what you are experiencing in the present moment or situation.  It is being COMPLETELY here and now without judgment, chastising or blaming, without comparison and without any kind of conflict in your mind.  This is a capacity that all human beings possess.  Whenever you bring awareness into what you’re directly experiencing via your senses, or to your state of mind via your thoughts and emotions, you’re being mindful.  The physiological reason is that breaths, by paying full attention to your breath, taken mindfully tend to be slow and deep, which stimulates the vagus nerve, activating the parasympathetic nervous system.  It lowers stress, reduces heart rate and blood pressure, and calms you down.  The psychological reason is that when you put your attention intensely on the breath, you are fully in the present for the duration of the breath.  To feel regretful, you need to be in the past; to worry, you need to be in the future.
      We all enter this world pure, fearless, without doubt and struggle, untainted by duality and delusions of the flesh, full of love and wisdom; imagine a new-born baby and you’ll understand perfectly.  The whole problem of suffering and delusion starts when the baby comes out of the mother and learns to make use of the physical senses, and, on top of that, the adults around him teach him wrong, teach him about insecurity, fear, difference in people and nature, about how limited their own intelligence is and how to conform to one mindset about a specific religion, about patriotism, about monetary values, about how to think and the importance of an ideal or a person up on a pedestal–fanaticism about a preferred sport’s team, a movie star, a prophet or philosopher, any rigid mindset that creates an unbending mind.
     But a mind should flow like a river, mold into the formless and shapeless essence of truth, love, and ABSOLUTE AGILITY of strength (not be lazy or rigid, but able to move quickly and easily, a weightless and stress-free mind).  Early infancy is when the brain absorbs all the information the physical senses feed, just like a sponge; from then on, the mind is being poisoned and troubled, and the wisdom and fearlessness, love and positive thinking remains under chains by the conditioning and all the garbage fed to it by parents, religious practices, patriotism, government, and so on and so forth.  These muddy layers of haughty and erroneous beliefs which oppress the soul or the mind of the growing individual turn into stone and shape the personality into the mundane and short-sighted, it robs the potential for greatness in the human being; therefore, we should all get rid of all this baggage that only creates stress and a weighty mind with fear and doubt and pride, lack of wisdom, mental and physical illness, and crooked perceptions of everything we experience.

Absolutely no being is born into this world with evil or with hatred towards anything, because the pure heart does not produce evil, the pure, untainted heart only produces the natural condition, love, peace and bliss, which are one unity, one condition of wholeness, the one existent and irrevocable truth, one universal consciousness, ONENESS, complete harmony and perfection; but, however, evil and erroneous belief is created by thought, by human conditioning, by weakness of our own choosing when we attach to a rigid mindset, when we follow other weak and poisoned minds.  Because we have all forgotten our natural state or condition of love and unity, and thus felt fear, doubt, without purpose, being led by our mundane and egotistical physical senses, which run amok untamed and unguarded, our perception of reality becomes narrow and confused and we start thinking darkly and empty; as in we need something, we are not whole, we need security, we need love to be whole again, we need a leader to straighten our path and guide us because we feel too weak and ordinary, maybe even broken by our past or by our vices, to find it alone.

     All delusions of the human mind, obviously; a sure way to feed the ego and create a false belief, for a false belief offers so-called “security” to the ego and the means to feed that delusion, it all creates pleasure to the physical senses.  And in following our self-pity, by whining mentally–“I can’t do this and won’t even try,” “What’s the point…??,” “I do not have an education so I can’t start a business,” “I have been smoking for too long to change now,” “I need someone to bless me for I am a sinner and I need to go to church to wash my sins away”–our minds become weak and victims of the ego and its designed fears.
     One sure way to stop this vicious cycle of fear and self-pity is to become aware of our present, live that present and be the best we can be in that same present, not wait to give our best in the following hours or tomorrow or the next day, but give our full attention to the moment, seize the moment and find pure happiness there no matter what the situation is or where you are.  If you fall in the trap of following others or expecting others to raise you up, then you will live your life in parts, not as a whole, and you will encounter moments of fear, doubt, and misery.
    I know this from experience, because when I used to follow a leader in church, or become engaged by the nonsense in the news, or follow the illogical beliefs of the egos of others, or compared the success of another with my own success, or try to always please others, I would quite often become mentally depressed and hateful.  And that is no way to live a full and rich life; it steals the motivation and beauty of life in you.
     We must be vigilant in this and remain always aware of our thoughts and the reactions we have.  We must stop following the news and others telling us what the reality of life and of God itself really is, for our unique perceptions in meditation or mindfulness of the present is the only one we should trust and rely upon.
Business mind.

Moving off the couch

“Respect your efforts, respect yourself.  Self-respect leads to self-discipline.  When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power.”  ~ Clint Eastwood; American film actor, director, producer, and composer.

The following is an excerpt from a book I’m writing, titled, “Inner Wealth, Outer Wealth.” 

This section is called:  ‘Brain enhancement to wake up the god within.’

Rudiger  Gamm, a very below-average student, especially in the popularly hated mathematics, felt so annoyed and frustrated by his failures in achievement that he started to train his below-average brain in math; years and years of this and he became a  famous “human calculator,” and so, able to perform extremely complex mathematics.  This simple exemplar tells us that to carry this three pound sponge-like tissue structure within us every day, then, should be an almighty source of motivation to all achievement beyond ordinary means, and it should empower us to feel exceptional and able to leap farther than the currents of procreation, food and shelter which the middling ego creates as the single purpose of the human creature.  Rationality and emotional resilience work the same way, as neural connections all of them which can be, through focus and persistence, modified or strengthened, mastered and controlled to do our bidding and not let a lazy and ego-centered human nature tell us how to think and behave.

We can run our actions and design our future exactly, by managing our responses and  our perceptions of our environments.  The great advantage the high-minded individual possesses over the world and over his own Lower Animal is the formation of his own brain (extremely powerful emitter and receiver of electromagnetic signals), which routinely receives and transmits signals but must be physically fit and structured to receive and transmit signals of great power and eminent design; this is to say, that a poor brain structure will receive depressing and mundane signals while emitting the same out into the world around it, but a richly structured brain will receive wonderful, life-affirming insights while emitting the same out into the world.  See, whatever we are doing at any given time, we are physically shaping and modifying our brains or neuronal connections anyway—so why not shape and modify these neuronal connections to make ourselves stronger, more intelligent (in IQ and EQ), more talented, and better in every aspect to create superior futures for ourselves??

This certainly makes the world a better  place by inspiring people which receives our brain signals, and also by creating situations of love and positive progress into the planet.  Even  through  this writing, via this simple blog post, and even though my being on the other side of the country or the planet, I am motivating you and sending you some signals to your brain due to the real information my brain put into these words; however, the message here will or will not get to you and be assimilated by your brain depending on the training to receive higher signals you have given to it, depending on the state of your own brain


In November 1985, a scientific report about the brain plasticity of rats came out and it contained that rats in more enriching environments had more robust brains; specifically, these rats had acquired more glial cells in relation to their neurons.  Now, glial cells, or simply glia, strengthen and nourish the busier neurons, which are the brain cells which communicate with one another forming thus a communal communiqué.  We might even say that glial cells are the official maintenance service for the neuronal community.  While these nerve cells exchange great information, they leave behind unnecessary residue (garbage) which is potassium ions, then these potassium ions gather outside the working neurons; but, however, that unnecessary residue (garbage) soon will become a hazard and hindrance for the neurons’ communiqué, due to the fact that there is no space for the potassium ion’s discharges.  Glial cells then do maintenance or clean up those mentioned potassium ions to permit neurons to fire repetitively, faster, and in a more ordered manner; and, in addition, they as well absorb certain neurotransmitters which also risk the obstruction of the neural communiqué.

This is the difference between being great and ordinary, the difference between, for example, Einstein and you, or da Vinci and you; hence, Einstein’s and da Vinci’s brains, through hard work, self-discipline, and through the creation of their own environments by the management of their perspectives, continually grew more and more glial cells which enriched the working neurons firing signals in their brains.  A higher ratio of glia to neurons than other brains means that the number of glial cells increases due to the high metabolic demand (work) which, in this case, Einstein and da Vinci put upon their neurons.  So, then, what creates more glia or more power surrounding the firing neurons (a richer environment) is personal and affluent experiences, the perspective you give to your environment, and the level of taxation one administers to his brain processes daily.

And since this is the basic tenet or core-analysis of all progress in the world and understanding of our past, present and future, as in the individual molding of our thoughts and the absolute devise of our desired destinies, being always self-aware and aware of our environment can enormously enrich our own perceptions of reality and of our own unique life experiences.  Think about this:  Who makes the world a better place through great innovations, technologies, art forms, philosophy, expressions galore, to thus keep it going forward for the generations to come …??  Is it ordinary people with ordinary brain processes which remain lazy and wallowing in self-induced fear of failure to excel and be more, or extraordinary people like Plato, Aristotle, da Vinci, Michelangelo, Mozart, Einstein, Hitchcock, Spielberg, Le Corbusier, even the businessman selling his own crafts on the city’s park, among others with chosen higher brain processes, which strive to be the best they can be and face the challenges presented in the path to incredible success…??  


Self-help life truths.

The problem with stone.

“Everyone experiences tough times, it is a measure of your determination and dedication how you deal with them and how you can come through them.”  ~ Lakshmi Mittal; steel magnate.


I was walking my dog this morning under the half-asleep but beautiful sky of Provo, Utah, while enjoying the perfect whispers of air.  I started looking around me and observed the trees, the singing birds, the colony of ants working early in the spot of dry dirt near me, and I was reminded of the beauty of nature even here in the city.  And then I kept on walking and encountered the giant stones and rubble from construction–i.e. a construction site of building apartments which we sometimes visit for our morning walks at about 6 am.  My eyes fell onto the giant stones and, for some reason, I was reminded of the other side of life, the duality we must deal with in this life in order to achieve progress, the man-made structures, relationships, and challenges; because looking at that rock made me acknowledge and understand further the stone we sometimes design over our hearts, just like a shield or a covering wall around the beating heart.

Life is beautiful and rich, both in spiritual wisdom and in the material growth of man, but it is plagued by challenges which can either make us or break us, and it is always up to us to decide despite the ugliness and unfairness we may meet along our journey, either become masters of the wonderful fate we create or become victims of the destructive fate we create.  Quite often we fall prey of constant fear and stress, whether in our jobs, relationships, chosen lifestyles, etc., and, more often than not, prey of others, whether our bosses, our own family and friends, our neighbors, even people we do not even know; however, we must understand beyond pain and sorrow that everything and anything which happens to us is never random, is never a source of “luck” or a lack of it, but that all which befalls has a purpose.  Life, beyond the egotistical and, often wicked, schemes and designs of man, is the ultimate teacher of wisdom and Higher Intelligence, and life works for us if we have an open heart to hear it; however, if we close our hearts and let the ego-mind scream loudly, as it always does with its pitiful and obnoxious whining, then we won’t hear the teaching of the master and instead we’ll hear our own stressful and fearful thoughts.


If we have a problem, let us say for example, an economic one and so we cannot pay mortgage or rent this month, what do we do, we wallow in the fear of the deadline and we start following our own thoughts of hate and self-pity; however, this creates more stress and nuisance to our well-being, our mental strength decays and our views of life narrow because we only allow our problem in our consciousness, and, going beyond that, we must remember that our minds and brain processes are attached or connected to our bodies, thus via our strained nerves and poisoned blood now our immune system falters and we become more prone to disease and all kinds of more serious mental and bodily injuries.  One thing that most people ignore or even deny is this:  Our minds and the contents we put there are electric and vibrational emitters and receivers; therefore, we truly attract and repel whatever lies in our conscious, our waking mind and the one we know, and whatever lies in our subconscious, the mind which is divine and hidden from our reach and the one which contains many traits of our personalities, views, fears, etc. etc.

Let us explore something more terrible of the human condition, namely rape:  Rape is an extreme form of violence against the body and mind of a person, the wicked and injurious act robs the person of mental peace and security and leaves the same with a massive and profound wound which affects that person and the ones he loves; but, it does not stop there, because rape also distorts reality in the victim, life turns fearful and full of ugliness wherever that person goes mentally and physically.  But, like Buddha says, “Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind, the goal is to find it.”  So, the rape victim has two choices, one is destructive and much more painful, the other one is a blessing if the right perspective is chosen.  One can either think about it for the rest of one’s life and live in misery and contempt, perhaps after a while kill oneself; or, the other one, one can get professional help dealing with the emotional trauma, become stronger and deal with the present, not the past or the future, life as it is and in time just put it in the past regardless of what happened.  I know it must not be easy, but there is always time and wisdom that cures all.  Man does ignorant, sometimes called evil, deeds, but that fact shouldn’t be an excuse to live a life full of hatred and misery. 


     See, the ego in man resides in the conscious, where the fear and stress is born from the chattering thoughts of everyday.  But life is beautiful and rich, and, beyond the pain and suffering we may encounter along this man-made world, our minds always decide how to see what we have experienced, our minds decide if we attach ourselves to self-pity and ego or if we continue stronger and more resolute than ever before; so, better pay attention and use higher rationale from an open heart, we should take control of our minds lest we start hating life itself. 

Let your heart speak to you, and more in times of trouble.


The free mind of a human god!

The mask.

“Each man’s life represents a road toward himself.”  ~ Herman Hesse; German-born Swiss poet, novelist, and painter.

One day, a disciple asked Buddha:
“Most respected one, can you please tell me what is the size of the universe?”
Buddha replied :
“Will knowing the size of the universe help you end suffering?”
The disciple answered:
“No, most respected one.”
Buddha then answered :
“So why are you asking questions of little importance and not asking questions on the ending of suffering?”

In the world, there are people who are intrigued with heaven, there are people who are afraid of hell, there are people who want to learn about supernatural powers; but, in reality, these people’s minds are just ignorant and out to enjoy temporary relief from their empty and somewhat boring lives, perhaps their lives are not fulfilling in certain human aspects in society–i.e. they do not like their jobs, they have family problems, they feel insecure about themselves in some deep aspect of life, they feel trapped by something, their nagging thoughts are always focused on conspiracy theories and in the ugliness and stupidity of society which darkens the mind instead of on the truths and beauty of life which inspire the soul, etc. etc.–and all process which is pleasure and a form of delusion, because they want to ease their existence and step away from the fear the unknown creates in them, feel like they are learning above others and doing something extraordinary, and be one more of the ignorant group without caring about inquiring into the truths of things for themselves and thus feed their egos.

Now, most religions preach about how the universe was made, what happened afterwards, the scriptures’ meanings, that their path is the right path and their ceremonies the righteous ones to get into a heaven which only accepts them and their beliefs, that their prophets or pope now-a-days talk to God (which is not true but a creation of the mind, for if people stops following the herd and think for themselves they discover the blasphemy in this, that it is another delusion man created in his own ambitious mind; because God is ABSOLUTE Love, and this creative force has no religion, and because God does not lean towards a group of men or dogmas).
See, man in his arrogance and delusion created religion, and that is why there are so many of them out there; because religion comes from a desired ideal to rule in people’s minds and hearts, an ideal comes from thought and thought is of this world.


Religion does not want you questioning and looking into yourself, because if you do look and question into yourself long enough then you will see through the strong illusion they have created within you, through their charade and mind control which keeps you chained to insecurity of life, death, and what’s next; and, most importantly, they do not want you to find out who and what you truly are, for they day you find out this you verily awaken and become a god-man which feels no need for them and their pitiful institutions anymore, and a god-man whose mind is rebellious, uniquely free and creative, and more clear and that can peer into man’s very intentions and psychology.  I know this from experience in my own life.  Know thyself and you shall know that you are God.

     However, one should learn the true happiness/blissfulness:  The happiness or Nirvana, the end of suffering.  Because life is painful and that is a rule of life, to learn from, to get back up, to raise above it, to conquer ourselves and to fulfill our own individual greatness.  But, even though life is painful, Buddha has said that suffering is optional; we can overcome suffering because the god in us/the divine energy in us all gave us the ultimate weapon that cures all, and all we have to do is learn how to use it and harness it properly (some people learn, some people do not).  The OMNISCIENT AND ETERNAL POWER OF LOVE.
Love is all there is in the universe, but we do have to understand what it really is, because it is not just superficial, because it is not just a warming feeling here and there rising within us whenever we fulfill a desire or an expectation, and because it is not just a positive thought which the Bible or a person’s words puts there; furthermore, wrongly and ignorantly, most people believe that love is found in other people, relationships, things, events that occur in life, without understanding that true love is discovered and not found.  True love is discovered in oneself, it is accepting yourself and increasing your self-esteem on your own every day without following the lost masses, just believing in yourself.  And the only path to increase your self-esteem and believe in yourself 100% is to empty your mind of all the garbage society, television, religion, books, culture, nationality, etc., put there; when your mind is absolutely free of all this, then you will be unshackled and left with clear space to fill your mind with the rich truths of life.

When your mind is empty of the garbage of the world, you can fill it with great and deep self-compassion and self-acceptance, you can fill it with the strength and self-confidence to become whoever your heart says you become, you’ll reach success in any aspect of life because now you embrace fear and you do not run away from it.  This is why people are always stuck, because they run away from fear, they avoid it like the plague; however, the true warrior in the battlefield of life does not run away from fear, nor he avoids it, but he conquers it by embracing it, because this warrior knows that fear is not the enemy but the opposite side of valor, and so he turns it around and uses it to his own advantage. 

See, religion and society are built upon the ignorance and subconscious fear of the masses, and it is not good for them that you should find yourself free of fear and confusion, lest they lose the grip they have on you and you stop buying things you don’t need, stop going to church and paying their tithing and helping grow their power, stop watching their nonsense on TV, stop filling your mind and body with the literary and also with the food garbage they force upon you, and so on and so forth.

In short, for the ones among us who really understand, one word to describe love who conquers all of the above-mentioned it is ‘Peace’.  ABSOLUTE inner peace.  Peace of mind.  Peace of heart.  Just Peace.  Nothing else in the heart and mind.  But just untainted Peace.  Not the peace offered by others, or by following others.  The Peace you discover within yourself when you look within yourself.

Peace while watching the crazy man-made world turn.


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