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Just a love poem…

Rainbow colors

Close your lovely eyes, look at the rainbow,
Beautiful and cosmic colors–how do they grow…??
Left to right, colors of rebirth and peace,
Low to high, where all fear did cease.

The flowers bloom and the rainbow heals,
Warm sensation of nurture my body feels;
The eternal ether of love be the sensation,
Our deep love of no distance the emanation.

Through meditation the soul is free to be,
Profound love within us as vast as the sea;
For true expression is the colors in you found,
For true love in the universe is the Cosmic Sound.

You and I were buried in tender harmony,
That day of fate so wonderful in history;
The Cosmic Law was of one and the same,
Mental heights, mutual growth it became.


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Slaying monsters.

So, what is life…?? And what is your purpose in life?? Too often, we might think that these are very personal questions, and they certainly are. No one can tell you what your purpose is, or what life is. Not even your mother. This is something very personal that you discover as you mature mentally and emotionally. But to discover it, you need a sense of curiosity and adventure. Curiosity and adventure to do what you must and explore the unknown to you.

Because your mind might make you fearful, intimidated, shy before something or someone. This fear might cripple you, make you feel worthless or hurt some way. The nights are long and the days torture when you cower or belittle yourself. These are, of course, barriers; and they are meant to be there. Be glad they are there. Be aware that they are there to help you forge yourself. Life is a big test, and they are its tools to test you.

So, in order to feel true happiness and love, you must be befriend these barriers. Why…?? Because, if you don’t befriend them and keep them as your enemy instead, then your mind will live in a state of constant anxiety. And what does anxiety do…?? It cripples you, it takes over your immune system and it makes you ill. It also gives you bad mood swings, it makes you feel paranoid like life and everyone is against you. So, conquer your fears by making them your friend; and by doing what you must without excuses.


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The Habits of The Strong.


One cowardly person came to a master of martial arts and asked to teach him bravery.  The master looked at him and said, “I will teach you only with one condition:  for one month you will have to live in a big city and tell every person that you meet on your way that you are a coward.  You will have to say it loudly, openly and looking straight into the person’s eyes.”
This person got really sad, because this task seemed very scary to him.  For a couple of days he was very sad and thoughtful, but to live with his cowardice was so unbearable that he traveled to the city to accomplish his mission anyway.  At first, when meeting the passers, he quailed, lost his speech and couldn’t contact anyone; but he needed to finish the master’s task, so he began to overcome himself.  When he came up to his first passer to tell about his cowardice, it seemed to him that he would die from fear–he was trembling, anxious, and even feeling some physical pain out of his mental fear.  But then his voice sounded louder and more confident with every passing day.  Suddenly came a moment, when the man caught himself thinking that he wasn’t scared anymore; and the further he continued doing the master’s task, the more convinced he was that the fear was abandoning him for good.
That way a month had passed.  The once-cowardly person came back to the master, bowed to him and said, “Thank you, master. I finished your task.  Now I’m not afraid anymore.  But how did you know that this strange task will help me…??” 
The wise teacher smiled and said, “The thing is that cowardice is only a habit.  And by doing the things that scare us, we can destroy the stereotypes and come to a conclusion that is actually real of who we truly are.  And now you know that bravery is also a habit.  And if you want to make bravery a part of yourself, you need to move forward into the fear.  Then the fear will go away, and bravery will take its place.”

So, remind yourself always that habits shape who you are as a human being.  As a spiritual being, obviously, you are perfect–strong, determined, wise, confident, talented.  But as a human being only good, thoughtful and serious habits can mold you into this superior human being filled with confidence and bravery to do anything you desire with a good heart.

So, pay attention to what you do from the moment you wake up to the moment you close your eyes to sleep, be disciplined, do what makes your ego uncomfortable, do what is right for your growth and not what you desire on a stupid whim…  Beat your fears.  They are just thoughts…


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Driven (1-min. read)

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.  The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”  ~ Nelson Mandela; former President of South Africa, anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician, and philanthropist.
     When I was living in Texas and my father died my whole world crumbled to pieces, I was truly devastated, because I had spent serious amounts of time with him and we had been really close.  He died suddenly from pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) after a few days in the hospital; he never knew his condition, we did not know either, but it grew within him like cancer.  After he died, I became depressed and lonely, I cried for days and did not feel the energy to do anything; this man which was noble and a perfect role model for me had now left me alone with my immaturity, fears, and in a country which was immensely different from Argentina.
     After a while of sobbing and feeling sorry for myself, light shone upon me from somewhere within me and I knew what I had to do right then and there; I knew then that I had to choose between wallowing in my own pathetic tears of self-pity, or face the world like the lion faces the jungle without fear and with a mighty heart of conquest.  And it took me time after various trials after that, after working and jumping from job to job, and after dealing with my loss and fighting life beside my family, but I finally understood that which is already in our hearts but whispers and is really difficult to hear with all the pitiful cries and garbage spewed by the monkey mind and the fears it brings to us.  Yes, I understood that I had this unstoppable energy, this drive flooding each cell in my body and flowing down the river of my bloodstream, and all this strength of mind which said to keep going, relentlessly, powerfully, faithfully against the mediocrity and bullshit of the world around me.
     See, in God’s nature the lion roars and everybody becomes silent and still.  In God’s nature, the lion walks and everybody gets out of its way.  In God’s nature, the lion roars and the weaker animals cower in its very presence.  In God’s nature, the lion emanates respect and authority, and the others know it, they feel it.
     In the weak and artificial nature man has created, there is no lion, only sheep; however, the illusion is that being like the rest of the sheep is the popular thing, therefore the normal, strong, and natural thing, as in the godly thing.  Love is all!  Love all around!  Yay!–  Angels and bullshit from Heaven.  Religions, of course, do not preach otherwise; they say the same, just read the Bible, pray, follow others, be kind, of good heart, and that’s it.  And yet, people still die from depression wallowing in loss and fear, people still underfoot and living in poverty, people still cry and live in the past over and over and over again never believing in this energy inside them.
     God’s nature is the lion and not the sheep.  Through my own experience I have learned that we are here on this earth to thrive and get ahead, to fulfill our great destinies which we create with heartfelt decisions, to be more than just mediocre machines working to pay the bills and getting married and procreating.  Love and being kind in your journey is something to live every single day, something noble as the noble predators, godly and powerful creatures we are; however, that WILL NOT get you to great success, to fulfill your higher purpose (the reason why you have a body and a mind).  Leadership means being strong and not just kind and loving, thus leadership will create you into the real lion living in God’s nature–i.e. the true nature inside your cellular make-up, flowing and being bright within you, ready to make a transfiguration of the weaker you into the stronger, driven you.  Unstoppable and powerful, that is what you are; but, obviously, like I did, you need to choose a higher mind and to work hard at being stronger every day, committed.
     Stop expecting your life to be made better only by your faith and by your good heart; having faith and heart is good and noble, but you need to take care of yourself, use and manage your energies from within you to become a lion and be driven, truly unstoppable in a world full of mediocre sheep whose higher purpose is to pay their bills, get married and procreate–i.e work for food, shelter, and mating, just like the lower animals in nature.