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Slaying monsters.

Life is about the unknown, discovery, creation, and finding your strengths and capacities. This requires a mind of love and commitment.

So, what is life…?? And what is your purpose in life?? Too often, we might think that these are very personal questions, and they certainly are. No one can tell you what your purpose is, or what life is. Not even your mother. This is something very personal that you discover as you mature mentally and emotionally. But to discover it, you need a sense of curiosity and adventure. Curiosity and adventure to do what you must and explore the unknown to you.

Because your mind might make you fearful, intimidated, shy before something or someone. This fear might cripple you, make you feel worthless or hurt some way. The nights are long and the days torture when you cower or belittle yourself. These are, of course, barriers; and they are meant to be there. Be glad they are there. Be aware that they are there to help you forge yourself. Life is a big test, and they are its tools to test you.

So, in order to feel true happiness and love, you must be befriend these barriers. Why…?? Because, if you don’t befriend them and keep them as your enemy instead, then your mind will live in a state of constant anxiety. And what does anxiety do…?? It cripples you, it takes over your immune system and it makes you ill. It also gives you bad mood swings, it makes you feel paranoid like life and everyone is against you. So, conquer your fears by making them your friend; and by doing what you must without excuses.


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REVIEW OF MY BOOKS: “I really loved the depth of your approach, specially because sometimes I struggle with low self-esteem and that gets into my relationship with my new wife.  Thanks for helping us become aware of all these things.  Much love to you and yours.”

REVIEW OF MY BOOKS: “It allowed me to see another explanation of love..with a touch of humor i was able to find a sensible place to kick back to enjoy knowing I have always been Loved!!  YOUR advice is like finding a treasure. Thank you so much sharing!”

“I ALWAYS LOVED YOU.” A book about love and relationships.

“LEAVING THE HERD” (part 1). A book about self-esteem and individuality.

“LEAVING THE HERD” (part 2). A book about enlightenment and the renaissance of the leader in you.

By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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