Stories to ponder.

Against the forces of evil (1-min. read)

This is my personal story:
      One rainy night my parents and I were coming back home, when a heavily drunk asshole hit our Peugeot (that’s a car, for you Americans who do not know) and sent us all to the near Mar Del Plata’s main hospital (Mar Del Plata, Argentina, where I was born and raised).  I had been injured pretty badly, and actually much more than my parents; the ambulance couldn’t revive me as I was in a deep unconscious state, losing blood and seizing every five minutes.  Once there, the hospital team did everything they could to bring me back to life, but it was too late, for I was dead, gone from this physical plane.
 Several minutes later, I don’t know how or why (I just know that nothing that happens is random, all has a purpose in life–even when we don’t understand what’s happening) but I returned to life, and greatly changed (not just in physical function but in other aspects as well).  Now, I won’t tell you that while dead or unconscious without pulse I saw some brilliant light or angels or pearly gates swung open or anything like that.  Let your imagination fly–there is not enough use of good imagination now-a-days.
     After that, to make it shorter, I acquired certain talents or “conscious endowments”.  And in the course of many months, I encountered great abilities head-on (granted they weren’t strong yet, but in firm transition or conscious evolution).  My parents, of course, weren’t told anything because they would not have understood (you know, religious parents, or “normal-by-this-society” parents).  And at the same time, I needed more time for myself and “to find me”.  Put it simply, I wanted a job where I could meet great experiences, develop great wisdom in those extraordinary lessons from life itself, so I went in search for one.  So, after months of search for the right one for me, Mr. Hernandez—a Psychic Investigator and a nice man—gave me the opportunity to earn some cash (some pesos), and I joined his ‘Mar Del Paranormal’ agency as an apprentice.
     Adapting was hard, specially having in mind the countless nights of sleep deprivation, sweating, and also the internal transfiguration that my physical body went through during the days and nights.  I felt wretched at times, and at times I felt wonderful; however, I see now that it was not just my inner transmutation that made me feel like that, going through various moods, pains and states of emotion, but also it was my adjusting to the “especial condition”of my job and its high levels of “spiritual” environment.  A lot of energy flowing inside me, I could experience my own consciousness dynamically changing and I was too becoming more in tune with the collective consciousness grid of humankind; all this knowledge and special talents, my intelligence (intellectual and emotional) was certainly growing and I possessed a different, deeper understanding of life, for I could see and sense things that the common individual couldn’t, angels but I could also see demons (and, believe me, they can be anywhere among us, and even now you may have one by your side).
     I was indeed becoming faster than I had ever been, jumped higher, with inwardly use of another sight into parallel dimensions, and, well, I was certainly sure I could do much more–just needed to figure out how.  Needed to be patient, too; but, as you can imagine, fifteen-year old kids are not too patient (almost sixteen though; big difference, right?).  But, I have to say, I always had a good relationship with my parents and was a good receptor to their examples of behavior; so, my strong character counted with profound insight based on my parents’ wealthy teachings, and I owned a rather resolute and cautious demeanor in my personal life endeavors, and, obviously, this helped to cope with further psychological and spiritual developments in my youth.
     The following weeks of recuperation were horrible, because I was plagued by nightmares of unknown people dying which seemed awfully real, and a plethora of natural catastrophes, and a super-odd premonition about my own father dying in some strange land I did not recognize–all signs of my own apocalypse coming to fruition, a renaissance or rebirth of my consciousness.
      I had slowly accepted my role as a higher-conscious entity in constant development and had also learned to make the best of it.  So, over the course of the next year, Mr. Hernandez aided me in understanding my transformation further–he was indeed a very emotionally intelligent psychic with many outstanding qualities, awards, and mystical experiences–and in how to embrace my evolving powers, and so make my multi-dimensional transition more natural for me.  How to hide my true persona when mixing with others in high school, how to control my powerful mind, how to manage my insatiable hunger for learning (since I was extremely curious and also always searching for wisdom in books)–all this was well taught to me under his watchful eye.  And in time I stopped being a kid and matured a lot, and became, too, a true higher entity to help those in real danger from the creatures of the night and the darkness.  All this training to prepare for the end of days as we know it:  ‘The presidency of one Mr. Donald Trump!’
Anatomy and physiology of life

Biology of the pen.

“Writing means sharing.  It’s part of the human condition to want to share things–thoughts, ideas, opinions.”  ~ Paulo Coelho; Brazilian lyricist and novelist.


Throughout history, without exceptions, man has always felt the necessity to express himself, as part of his biology and as a way to know himself and his innermost thoughts and feelings; because keeping them inside only makes the human experience not worth it, for human beings are a collection of billions around the world with different beliefs and experiences, but in essence, beyond all thought and form, we are all really one and that is why we struggle to express our current human individuality through various forms of expression.  So the urge is spiritual or coming from the energy which makes this human form and thought we carry around, and we transform this urge into writing, painting, sculpting, filmmaking, photography, dancing, performing, the act of sex, violence, arguments, relationships, sports, etc. etc.

Writing and the development of writing is specially freeing to me because it allows me to know myself in detail, I get to look deep within me and find everything and anything which makes me who I am as a human expression, everything and anything which creates my thinking and feeling, and so I get to experience how my thoughts arise and fall and how my emotions flow constantly up and down like a roller coaster.  Pouring your thoughts and emotions give you absolute freedom and power over yourself, because writing is a detailed form of expression; and besides that, it is creative, no matter what you write if it comes from your heart, and creativity is the only outlet to manifest the past, present, and future of our perspectives in this life, and creativity is what flows all around us and within us.


Writing is a most influential way to communicate and wake people to other views and realities, as people tend to create their own views and realities so it is essential to understand and absorb the experiences of others in order to better ourselves and widen our mental horizons.  Quite often, more than we would like to admit, one feels overwhelmed and confused by superficial thoughts and stresses of ever day, so in this way it is very important to observe our inner condition and let it all out through the sharing process.  At the physiological and also psychological levels, we need to take care of our mental frustrations and stressful data overflowing our nerves, which has a giant effect on our immune system.

In order to avoid illnesses of the mind and of the body, being creative and self-expressive in our writing are two things that must go hand in hand; opposite to this, if we repress one or the other within us and negate of either its existence, then, we will clutter inside and become filled by all this–i.e. no real creativity is expressed from us, and so this will cloud our rationality and influence our thoughts and behaviors towards our own selves and towards others, this will then bring much suffering into our relationships and into all endeavors in our life.

We need to be open with ourselves and honest with ourselves, because in this self-absorbed society, where everyone is rushing everywhere, there is no knowledge of self to taste real freedom; and, through creative and self-expressive writing you can achieve to motivate others to taste that same freedom and/or learn from your own experiences, connecting thus all humanity and bringing a higher conscious awareness.


Self-help life truths.

The problem with stone.

“Everyone experiences tough times, it is a measure of your determination and dedication how you deal with them and how you can come through them.”  ~ Lakshmi Mittal; steel magnate.


I was walking my dog this morning under the half-asleep but beautiful sky of Provo, Utah, while enjoying the perfect whispers of air.  I started looking around me and observed the trees, the singing birds, the colony of ants working early in the spot of dry dirt near me, and I was reminded of the beauty of nature even here in the city.  And then I kept on walking and encountered the giant stones and rubble from construction–i.e. a construction site of building apartments which we sometimes visit for our morning walks at about 6 am.  My eyes fell onto the giant stones and, for some reason, I was reminded of the other side of life, the duality we must deal with in this life in order to achieve progress, the man-made structures, relationships, and challenges; because looking at that rock made me acknowledge and understand further the stone we sometimes design over our hearts, just like a shield or a covering wall around the beating heart.

Life is beautiful and rich, both in spiritual wisdom and in the material growth of man, but it is plagued by challenges which can either make us or break us, and it is always up to us to decide despite the ugliness and unfairness we may meet along our journey, either become masters of the wonderful fate we create or become victims of the destructive fate we create.  Quite often we fall prey of constant fear and stress, whether in our jobs, relationships, chosen lifestyles, etc., and, more often than not, prey of others, whether our bosses, our own family and friends, our neighbors, even people we do not even know; however, we must understand beyond pain and sorrow that everything and anything which happens to us is never random, is never a source of “luck” or a lack of it, but that all which befalls has a purpose.  Life, beyond the egotistical and, often wicked, schemes and designs of man, is the ultimate teacher of wisdom and Higher Intelligence, and life works for us if we have an open heart to hear it; however, if we close our hearts and let the ego-mind scream loudly, as it always does with its pitiful and obnoxious whining, then we won’t hear the teaching of the master and instead we’ll hear our own stressful and fearful thoughts.


If we have a problem, let us say for example, an economic one and so we cannot pay mortgage or rent this month, what do we do, we wallow in the fear of the deadline and we start following our own thoughts of hate and self-pity; however, this creates more stress and nuisance to our well-being, our mental strength decays and our views of life narrow because we only allow our problem in our consciousness, and, going beyond that, we must remember that our minds and brain processes are attached or connected to our bodies, thus via our strained nerves and poisoned blood now our immune system falters and we become more prone to disease and all kinds of more serious mental and bodily injuries.  One thing that most people ignore or even deny is this:  Our minds and the contents we put there are electric and vibrational emitters and receivers; therefore, we truly attract and repel whatever lies in our conscious, our waking mind and the one we know, and whatever lies in our subconscious, the mind which is divine and hidden from our reach and the one which contains many traits of our personalities, views, fears, etc. etc.

Let us explore something more terrible of the human condition, namely rape:  Rape is an extreme form of violence against the body and mind of a person, the wicked and injurious act robs the person of mental peace and security and leaves the same with a massive and profound wound which affects that person and the ones he loves; but, it does not stop there, because rape also distorts reality in the victim, life turns fearful and full of ugliness wherever that person goes mentally and physically.  But, like Buddha says, “Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind, the goal is to find it.”  So, the rape victim has two choices, one is destructive and much more painful, the other one is a blessing if the right perspective is chosen.  One can either think about it for the rest of one’s life and live in misery and contempt, perhaps after a while kill oneself; or, the other one, one can get professional help dealing with the emotional trauma, become stronger and deal with the present, not the past or the future, life as it is and in time just put it in the past regardless of what happened.  I know it must not be easy, but there is always time and wisdom that cures all.  Man does ignorant, sometimes called evil, deeds, but that fact shouldn’t be an excuse to live a life full of hatred and misery. 


     See, the ego in man resides in the conscious, where the fear and stress is born from the chattering thoughts of everyday.  But life is beautiful and rich, and, beyond the pain and suffering we may encounter along this man-made world, our minds always decide how to see what we have experienced, our minds decide if we attach ourselves to self-pity and ego or if we continue stronger and more resolute than ever before; so, better pay attention and use higher rationale from an open heart, we should take control of our minds lest we start hating life itself. 

Let your heart speak to you, and more in times of trouble.


Self-help life truths.

The mystery and beauty of life.

“Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.”  ~ Thich Nhat Hanh; Vietnamese Buddhist monk, peace activist and lecturer.
     Ever felt like life itself is conspiring against you…??  Ever felt miserable because things are not going the way you expected them to…??  And in the back of your mind there is something, a loud and anxious voice telling you to quit and fear the worst, while there is another, fainter,  and seemingly weaker, voice coming from deep inside you telling you to keep going in spite of the challenges, telling you that perhaps there is something to this; hence, trapped and narrowed by these two opponents, your mind becomes angry and overwhelmed with fear and confusion, then you turn around and you denounce the world and what is currently happening to you, and consequently your mind is closed and life to you seems uglier and more violent than before.
     You walk around in a bad mood now and only see demons in your friends and family which you cannot stand, such demons that once before you considered angels in your path; and when somebody nears you and talks to you with a smile or with a joke, you become more fixed in your own dark and muddy thoughts and you think they are mocking your current situation or somehow belittling you.
     Perhaps you listened to the wrong voice from the start–that is ‘the loud and anxious voice telling you to quit and fear the worst,’ remember?  This voice did wrong by you, no doubt about it; its loudness and commanding anxiety meant freak control and fear-mongering to your already confused mind, it robbed you of your wisdom and deep logic and it made you into a belligerent fool whose eyes only saw negativity and unfairness wherever you went.  And now you ask yourself, What do I do…??
Stopping your racing mind and meditating about life itself can give you peace and warmth in those ill-bred moments when you feel no way out.  Listen to your heart and shut out your nagging mind for a while; do not follow your heated thoughts, be silent and contemplate yourself deeply, for there lies the answer to all and the absolute strength you seek.
     But that’s just it, don’t you see?!  What do I do…??  That is exactly the answer!  Because that is the mystery and beauty of life; the incredible challenges, the confusion and fear, the great wisdom of the great sage imparted to you.  That is what can make you or break you, isn’t it?  If it breaks you is a sign, so you fix yourself, you pick yourself up and you become hard like steel, laugh at what happened to you and continue going without stop; if it makes you is a sign as well, so you fill yourself with strength, you become grateful and continue with a higher vision.  The fear, the embarrassment, the confusion, the negativity; we all feel this, and we all have the strength and wisdom to come out on top of every situation, because life itself, the core of its essence beyond what this negative voice in our head says to us on a daily basis, is perfect and all wise, it knows us and what we really can accomplish; for this essence of life is strength and positive creation, and this is energy which lives inside each cell, each atom, and inside each corpuscle making us and everything we see around us.
The ignorance of society and our own thoughts try to confuse us and deceive us into acting without thinking quite often–i.e become angry and violent, argue nonstop, get revenge, fear what is coming, buy that or you won’t be happy, etc. etc.  But, even though they try to bury you, if you contemplate your heart in silence, your inner self beyond your thoughts, you will find out there is more to you than you knew before.
     This is the greatness and richness of life, friend!  Can’t you see that?!  The very fact that we all have a chance to learn and raise ourselves up, to rise like the mythical phoenix and light up the sky with our magnificent flames.  Now, imagine if we didn’t have problems and challenges, if we did not have this nagging and negative voice telling us to quit every time some obstacle comes up in our path.  Could we then become better and feel great strength and bliss when we keep going despite obstacles…??  If you meditate about it and think with logic, then you’ll find that the answer to the question is no.  Wisdom and higher intelligence, the greater heart and persona you are cannot be discovered without this voice, without this duality in life.
     So, whenever you feel confused and overwhelmed, anxious and tensed with fear, just stop your racing mind and contemplate the seemingly weaker voice coming from the depths of your heart, the one telling you to keep going despite the challenges; there, you will also discover the wisdom or higher understanding you need in those difficult times, and since it is already in you then you will make your perspective and outlook in life a natural disposition to beauty and positive attitude.
     When you find and listen to this voice in your heart, and ignore the loud screams emerging from you fearful and violent mind  which darkens everything, you will feel in peace even in those treacherous times when rain pours and pours, not because you become naive and a positive freak, but because you are now more intelligent and strong–i.e. true and natural intelligence, as the strength to overcome every obstacle in life, comes from your heart and not from your mind or brain I.Q.
Understand this.  Remember it.  And become it.
Self-help life truths.

The essence of happiness.

“Happiness is a choice.  You can choose to be happy.  There’s going to be stress in life, but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not.”  ~ Valerie Bertinelli; American actress.
     The crux of the  matter of the true essence of happiness is that happiness has no cause, so do not strain your mind, as most people do, thinking that you need to experience wealth, that you need to experience driving a better car, that you need to experience a relationship, marriage, traveling, a better job, more friends, drinking alcohol, experimenting with drugs, skydiving, bungee jumping, etc. etc., to feel happiness or experience it.  Happiness has no cause and it has no qualities or characters; for happiness itself is already a condition of existence within you, and it is what we humans call inner peace–i.e. a peace that is not just of the mind or intellect, or even created or forced upon by us, but a never-ending peace that just is existent in the depth of our hearts, and a peace which involves your whole existence and makes you feel whole and without fear and anxiety, when you pay attention to it and block your nagging thoughts from interfering that is.
      See, happiness has no cause, because whatever has cause in life at some point disappears–i.e. money runs out, relationships die of age or lose interest, cars break down and rust, your pets die, conversations do not last, the sunshine is not always there, your thoughts and emotions change, and so on and so forth.  There is a cause for each one of these things I have mentioned–for example, a relationship is caused by the desire to find another to share emotional and carnal interactions with, or sunshine is caused by the particular seasons and the specific qualities of the day in question.
     True happiness, which in itself is limited by the human word as all divinity is, cannot own qualities or traits, emotion or thought, because these have causes and therefore origin and are based upon desires to fulfill.  Whenever you find a cause to “happiness”, it is not true happiness because it is chained to a desire to fill a gap in your mind and heart, and when you feel like you need to fill a gap in your mind and heart then it means you believe yourself to be not whole.  See, when “happiness” has a cause and it fulfills a desire which is made in your thought first, then it is coming from outside you–i.e. money, a relationship, sex, a trip to another place, a new car, petting your dog, hugging your friend, admiring great art pieces, etc. etc., is coming from thoughts and actions you create and it is being fulfilled from the things or experiences happening outside of you.
     True happiness is the eternal existence you are beyond thought and flesh, and such thought and flesh are moody, prone to flaws and diseases, and the rest of the roller-coaster triggers from the outside and which thought creates, obstacles and mere pleasures.  Now, I need you to understand this really well, because this is a profound topic of life, and I know words can be deceiving or misleading.  See, I am not saying that economic growth, relationships, loving sex, friendship, family, and the strong desire to be better in all aspects of your life is not noble and productive, not at all; in fact, these are why we are here in the human flesh in the first place, for we are here to increase our capacities and experience all these, for we are here to learn to create from the immaterial to the material and enjoy our successes.
     What I am saying is that most people cannot raise above their own mediocrity and so wallow in sadness because they do not really understand what true happiness really is.  Because they search for happiness when happiness must not be searched, but happiness must be discovered within you.  This sounds like a cliche or some highly spiritual philosophy, but in fact it is not.  Think about your experiences as a child, maybe your first toy or your first kiss or something great that happened to you, remember how you felt based on the emotion and not based on the outside experience of doing something.  Now, think of your grown life, perhaps a new car or a new job or a new baby, remember how you felt based solely on emotions not based on the actual outside experience.  Does it have any difference the emotion in its core…??  I am not talking about the experience itself–i.e. receiving the new toy or expressing yourself in the relationship.  The emotion, for lack of a better word, wasn’t it one of freedom and complete absence of fear and anxiety, wasn’t it one of total inner peace…??  And wasn’t it the same condition felt in your heart whether the outside experience was different…??
     The experience itself of having the new toy, the relationship, the new car, and whatever it was, was a cause for certain pleasure and might have lasted a few hours, days, months, or even years.  These were mere triggers or pleasures you did search for or encountered in your life’s path in order to quiet your nagging thoughts of desire for a time, and thus experience the inner happiness or peace which was, and is and will be, already inside you.  Understanding this is the difference between living a roller coaster of emotions in your life and living always blissful just because you live another day and you choose to embrace who you truly are.
     This state of wonderful existence has been given many names on our planet, and love is one of them, but this is the true essence of love which is non-anxious, sensual, or jealous, or has any cause for existing within us at all; hence, this is love of your true self, of your divine self beyond the nagging thoughts of desire and emotional roller coaster of every day.  This is the essence of true happiness.  Embrace it.
Self-help life truths.

A personal note on the fear of death.

“Of course you don’t die.  Nobody dies.  Death doesn’t exist.  You only reach a new level of vision, a new realm of consciousness, a new unknown world.”  ~ Henry Miller; American writer.
I was talking to my mother about death and about how people fear getting old, which is because they get too attached to other people, relationships, ways of living, and material things–so it is not death itself that they fear but the loss of all the things and relationships of the flesh they have ignorantly made a possession here. Commenting the ignorance and the lack of true wisdom this is in most of the population of the world. Of course, she felt attacked by me, like always, and so started to defend her own lack of wisdom in this matter, because in her view, as in most weak-minded people’s views wisdom comes with old age and the decaying of the flesh.
     Whenever I talk to her about profound concerns or issues of life, she displays childish attitudes and an empty and superficial mind, like she does not really understand the reality of the ego in her and how it works in making her feel a false sense of pride in her illogical and incoherent thought processes and defensive words. She knows deep inside I expose the truth in what I say but still she tries to negate that her own son, which lived less experiences than her and that is just 35 years old, might know and understand more about the mind of man and about life itself than her.
     But the truth is, even though I can accept her how she is, her mind is filled with the poor and superficial knowledge she acquired in a church born out of the imagination of other small-minded men, and her experiences come from just existing in life and not from the study of life. She does not see this, or, better put, she does see it but she chooses to remain loyal to her ego; because, as most people stuck in lower consciousness, she does not truly understand the purpose of life but follows the herd. The purpose of life is to grow in knowledge of the truth behind all things, and the absolute truth behind all things is what elevates your mind into higher levels of consciousness and into the secrets of life itself.  Absolute truth and the conscious knowing of it is indeed true magic, such magic where life displays no fear in your mind and magic which gives you the higher purpose and courage to be the best you can be in all aspects of your unique life.
     My mother’s attitude is really pathetic and mediocre, but at the same time it really saddens me, and even breaks my heart and robs me from some joy in the relationship we share, because my own mother is as ignorant and small-minded as the next guy and the majority of the world. Tears fill my eyes because it should not be like that, but it should be like the saying goes: “Like father, like son.”
     Sometimes though I think, Why does she think so narrow and obtuse being my own mother…??  Why do we think so differently…??  Why is she so hardheaded and ignorant like most people, blind to even reason and logic in the most basic human concepts…??  Did I get all my thirst for higher knowledge, spiritual understanding, and curiosity of the profound thought and behavior/psychology of mankind only from my dead father…??
     It is really difficult for me to understand these mental differences between my mother and myself, because, even though we have different experiences and views in life, we share DNA and there is that important biological and mental connection strengthened throughout decades.
     Nevertheless, even though I am writing my thoughts about her here, I do not really judge her in my heart because I respect her as my mother, and also because a percentage of what I am today is due to her love and guidance; however, I have to admit it troubles me so to know that my own mother does not see growing spiritually and mentally as the most important thing in the world as I do, but she just lives life like anybody else and expects to always be right just because of her age and time on this earth.  Well, the truth behind the thing is, that life’s challenges do not bring wisdom and a higher perspective to the individual, but going through challenges and then taking the time and mental effort to stop yourself and your lifestyle’s rhythm to dissect with your heart in it the very details of that experience wakes the dormant wisdom already in you.  And in most people, like my own mother, that inner wisdom is still dormant throughout their whole lives, no matter what and how they live. 
     And this is exactly what aches inside of me, the very fact that she stands herself so high and mighty and rejects all higher reason, the very fact that she cares only about feeding her ego and not about the truth, and the very fact, I fear, that she will die in this lower human condition.  But, still, she shouldn’t die in this lower condition of human understanding like many others, because she is my mother and not some pitiful creature which cannot see the very tip of its own nose.  Although, of course, that does not seem to matter in these painful ocean waters we call life.  Life is what it is, and we must accept, for painful and disheartening as it might be, what we cannot change about it.
     But, like I said, what troubles me the most is to have to think of her spiritually and mentally at the same lower level of understanding and wisdom as the people I don’t even know around the world.  See, death is a part of life, and not the end of it.  It is but a lap on the racetrack that is life; because life in its essence is eternal, and it does not know fear and anxiety.  Life is not what you see in the mirror or around you, but it is the energy inside the atoms making what you physically see.  You cannot touch it or see it and yet you know it makes up everything and anything, your thoughts, your flesh.
Fear of death and the negative thinking and behaving it brings is born out of our ego, which looks desperately for a cunning way to justify the loss of all the relationships and material things it acquired throughout this physical life.  So, if you must fear something, fear attachment, because attachment and obsession to the flesh and the thoughts of people, relationships, and to the comfort of material things is what you will lose; however, if you are truly perceptive and highly wise in these matters, then you won’t suffer or become anxious, because death will become you and you will know in your heart that you are both life and death, therefore, remain in peace and joy all your life.
     Spend this life gathering deep knowledge and understanding, and you will raise yourself above all fear and mediocrity.

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