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Becoming self-aware.



  • When you have a problem, the easy path is to blame others.  But this only imprisons you, anger, self-neglect, worthlessness even are born in  you.  Self-pity and self-victimization guide your thoughts and make you anxious, unable to move forward, and even in denial of your own faults.  You bring more pain into yourself, and you feel stuck in this pain.

  • But when you become self-aware, look into your trouble, struggle, or painful memory, without bias, you discover that you carry some of that blame.  This brings you freedom from attachment to this self-neglect and self-victimization.  This liberates you and expands your mind, and you become able to accept yourself and your life.  You can move forward now.


I’ve been on this journey for long to finally understand that our minds create our lives and every experience we have. I know we can all better our lives by individual self-development and spiritual understanding. Check out my self-help books to enlighten yourself and others.