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Out and without limits.

Your consciousness is not limited to your brain and body, but it is outside them as well. Through the hidden and mysterious mind, the subconscious mind, you tune into Infinite Intelligence.

I…  I saw blackness…  Yes, pure and frightening, cold to the very marrow of my bones.  Pitch dark like night without moonlight, it was.  I…  I thought I was done, or… I did not think I existed or I had ever existed.  Who was I…??  Or what was I…??  Are you taking notes right now?  I see your bright eyes upon mine and I think you are following this, but your expensive pen is not moving.

The…  The obnoxious, chattering voices were gone now; they had haunted me while I stared into that ceiling, white and smooth, in the corridor and then in the room.  I thought my casket.  Blood was everywhere, somehow I knew but I couldn’t feel it because I was cold and in a… in a state of… absence, you know…  Suddenly, I felt fresh and sharper, mentally, all I felt and experienced was my mind, but quiet, forgiving, in peaceful unity somehow because there were no dual voices, no noise and no distraction.  Just the experience of being there.  And a bright light, not blinding but spewing energy and a brightness which gave me confidence, strength, courage.  It was not above me this light, but I…  I think it was all over, wherever I was, or perhaps I was the light because I found no division between this light and my persona or my mind.  But, yes, definitely, I knew I existed now.  Yes.  Hey,  pay attention–  People should know this; some will mock it, some will believe it and connect to my experience, some will just accept it for what it is…  Whatever it is.

The article will be in the cover, yes?  I need to spread my message.  Or whatever happened.  It is unbelievable, isn’t it?  Is hard to believe it myself, but I was there, I… was everywhere.  I think.  Maybe.  Definitely!  …So the light, man, wow–  I cannot explain really.  I had walked under the very Summer sun before, but this… this was me, and I was the sun.  But I was more, much more.  There was no tunnel though, there were stars and forms and other lights at a distance.  And soon there were many colors, textures, sweet harmony–music or sounds really low but kind of vibrating…  Yes!  Vibrating within me, or around me, or all over really.  Was it all a dynamic but peaceful dance…??  I am not sure, but I was fresh and moving.  I do not know for sure if I traveled or not, if I displaced an inch or not, but I did see everything happening.  The doctors.  The nurses.  The techs.  The constantly loud machines.  And… the blood.  So much of it.  And I saw and I experienced myself.  How was that possible…??  I don’t know, but my vision, my hearing, and everything else was maximized tremendously.

And I was now feeling my arms, my legs, my head, my heart beating steady, but my thoughts weren’t there, it was a blank.  Was I really empty…??…  Mind is everything, I read in one of your articles.  And, yet, mine wasn’t chatting anymore, it was not there.  Perhaps, I was experiencing my mind in quiet mode, a more elevated mind I did not know existed before.  Universal Mind…??  Infinite Intelligence…??  But I kept looking at me and the others in a sort of trance.  I was there but I was not there, like I was experiencing a world beyond what I had before experienced.  Don’t forget to add that to your notes, it is very important.  We’ve just started this… 


Your consciousness is not limited to your brain and body, but it is outside them as well.  Through the hidden and mysterious mind, the subconscious mind, you tune into Infinite Intelligence.  In certain human situations, people call this out-of-body experiences and also astral projection, but in reality you do not go anywhere; you stay put because your consciousness is everywhere already, but your mind and body are limited and affected by what you know of your limited world, stored memories in your subconscious, so you feel like you have moved to places.  You are everything already.

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By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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