Stories to ponder.

The quiet interview.

The second cop sits his sore ass on a second chair and keeps smoking, “It’s no use Captain. He won’t talk.”

At a police station interrogation room located somewhere in the U.S., typical police misuse of power happened…

“Ok, listen, White Face, you’re a direct suspect identified by many people on the street, so better start talking!”

“Not talking, eh…  Is hot under these lights, isn’t it?  It seems your girly make-up is melting away… like your funny expressions.”

… (But his girly make-up was not melting away, as the fat cops were certainly sweating like true pigs.)  He suddenly shrugs his shoulders and puckers his lips in some attempt to convey something no one understood what the hell it was.

The first cop says, “Well, what da hell is that?–”  The second cop frowns, rubs his own belly, and leans back in his chair; then he breaks the chair and lands flat on the ground, then he realizes he’s been smoking his cigarette backwards and burns his lips.  “Ouch!  Dammit–”  The heat soon swelters his mouth.  Mother******!!!”

…  He offers his made up glass of water to the second cop that was sending smoke signals from the inside of his mouth and that contorted his body like an effeminate  ballerina.

The first cop says, “Well, well, well, well…”  Then he snatches the invisible glass from his hand and hurls it to the floor in a fit of rage!  Pieces of glass shower the scene, and he continues more calm,  “…Well…  Well…  Well.  You’re not only accused of attempted murder on the street, with your little moves, but now you’ve assaulted my partner.  And under my acute eagle eyes which never miss a thing.  This will cost you, White Face!”

…  He adopts a confused facial expression and rolls his balloon eyes, then purses his lips and shakes his head in quick denial.  

The second cop sits his sore ass on a second chair and keeps smoking,  “It’s no use Captain.  He won’t talk.”

It's no use, Captain. He won't talk.

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By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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