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From specter to human

Dark Fantasy/Coming of age/Paranormal & Occult

It is the 4th book in the series, and I wanted to share with you. Red is the woman, or girl, beside Benjamin Jones who is the main character in my story. And she is special, because she holds secrets of her own. Below is a little bit of what’s coming…


“Back then, a long, long time ago, The Mad Demon King had ruled over the whole land of Nergus. Before that, he’d been one of the 1st demon lords and scourge of the 7 galaxies. Needless to say, he ruled with violence and fear. He’d torture and kill if someone even looked at him directly into his eyes or complained about anything at all concerning his rule of madness…

“Even before this, in most of his reincarnations, he’d been the worst offender. Life after life, his chosen path had been crooked and his darkness had increased to the point of opaquing any glimmer of light left in him. After falling into black magic, evolution gave him what his corrupted mind wanted. He became physically grotesque. Mutated, cursed and alone he became a sadistic sorcerer…

“But this is about Arrdon, the one errant ghoul to be later known as Red. Arrdon was just an essence without gender, purpose and particular way in existence. It just roamed the land of Nergus, like many others did, in search of reason, excitement, and self-discovery perhaps; but, obviously, never finding anything, just remaining a mere shell without personality…

“It had, like the rest, been given birth or conjured into the world of the living by the absolute ruler, who was now The Mad Demon King. Taken out of The Dark’s Core, darkness was not given a personality of its own. Each new portion taken out of the cosmic pool was part of the collective, thus rendering each new ghoul or form unintelligent and submissive…

“This made each spectral form roaming the land easy to enslave and mold to the king’s very whim. Terribly cruel and a crime against evolution itself. But, as time went by, nature carried its powerful secrets; for nature wanted to know itself, and so it sought the miracle of unique experience even against the established rule of the tyrant…

“There was a cosmic collision, a violent but necessary miracle from the darkest corners of space. The shower of rocks, energy and fire crashed into most of the necro-world, thus affecting its very core, spreading throughout. Nergus and its abyss suffered great alterations regarding structure and life, which included the spectral forms roaming the wretched lands…

“Like a nuclear aftermath, the lasting effects pushed evolution to change its course. The skies changed, the landscape changed, and the consciousness in existence changed as well. Now the gift of self-awareness was born, at a slow but steady pace; however, just a few gained higher self-awareness, most gained just a smidge of it…

“And the ones with higher self-awareness then came to understand themselves more in existence, and so they grew hope and the capacity to visualize a better future. But the ones with lower self-awareness did not come to this realization, and so they just saw themselves, their wretched past, and their self-pity as their forever fate…

“And the ones with higher awareness became rebels against the system of tyranny, because they wanted to be free and choose their own path. And this was so because their higher awareness brought the experience of joy, the birth of self-love, and all true intelligence in them. But The Mad Demon King hated this, obviously; and so, he found a way to torture and kill many Free Thinkers….

“This meant to send them back to the pool known as The Dark’s Core, where they would come back to the collective mind and so The Self would just disappear. But a few escaped from this terrible fate. Arrdon was one of them. It travelled to The Sitchin’s planet, as this planet was well-known for its acceptance of all creatures. In time, the specter recognized the 2 genders within its own self…

“First, the consciousness filled itself with greater empathy for all nature. Then the consciousness grew special wishes and desires based on the new experiences gained with the people around it. And then the female essence overpowered the male’s and Gaimíah, or Red, was born. She now lived with…”

~ ‘Shadow Ghouls of Nergus’.

An amazing journey into the abyss of deception.

Coming 2023.


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It is all part of it.




  • Don’t belittle yourself because of your loneliness.  Don’t fear the memories of abuse or loss.  Know that life, its very essence, is about this.  We all need it in order to rise and carry the glory of self-development.  And self-development is the inner realization that makes you desire to be better, to evolution into excellence.


  • So, the suffering, the heartache, the neglect, those past mistakes and burdens you carry.  It is all part of your journey.  You might hate it, but it is necessary.  The important thing is to understand that all this requires your observance, so you learn and use it as stepping stone to move forward and stronger than before. 


I’ve been on this journey for long to finally understand that our minds create our lives and every experience we have. I know we can all better our lives by individual self-development and spiritual understanding. Check out my self-help books to enlighten yourself and others.

Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!




All throughout life, you are evolving.  Growing.  Learning.  Challenging yourself.  If you are not exploring and going beyond your beliefs, your opinions, your set ways to behave, then you are not really growing as a person. 

And this is when life becomes heavy on you, and you feel lonely and empty.  So, explore.  Be brave.  Challenge yourself.  Love, even if you are not loved back.   Try new things.  Focus on learning more.  Expand your talents.  This is what you are here to do. 

And do it without fear of failure or any other obstacle.  Sometimes we do this unconsciously, but to better ourselves we must seek inspiration even in the not so good 

Get my non-fiction book about the dimensions of love, the feminine force, enlightenment, and other topics.  “I ALWAYS LOVED YOU – Creatures of eternal love.”

Anatomy and physiology of life Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Another person in your life.




People are physical manifestations of nature’s or consciousness’ evolution, and each one brings an individual purpose and finds it along his/her unique experiences in life.

We are all different, each one of us thinks, feels, behaves differently; and, even when people have grown in the same household and share similar views, we experience things in our own unique manners and with our own ideologies.

And this must be a theme of celebration really, because it is telling us that we all have a different path we are creating constantly, and that we all have the chance to learn to grow in our paths from each other.  No one is lost, or meaningless, or lonely, unless they choose to feel that way.

Sadly, there are unconscious people who choose to feel that way, and so they fall into depression, anxiety, desperation, even suicide.  Now, other people may hurt us, love us, confuse us, make us feel like we are alone; however, in reality these are manifestations to help us move on and learn to become better human beings.

Not many people can see this truth, because most people choose the path of denial and so see other people as perhaps nuisance or curses in their lives; but one must awaken and see past this nonsense, and so realize that we all, each one of us has a purpose, and that we all can help each other in some big or small way.

Your mind just has to be patient and find the purpose of another person in your life.




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Greater Evolution.




The essence, the very heart and soul of this physical existence is that each one of us is here to learn to transmute; that is, to transform our moments of depression, our losses, our own suffering into something we can use to move on, some strength to see into the future, some light into darkness.

That is the whole point of your life, to be who you are trapped inside, the one you do not know yet, the one buried underneath all your self-pity and sadness, buried deep under your opinions and beliefs of how life should be for you.

Quite often people imagine their lives, their futures, their desires, and they expect them to happen so, they become attached to these manifestations in their psyche.  But is this truly healthy…??  Is this truly real…??

Life is not something vain out of your ego, so you must learn to see this and welcome life as it comes to you.  Enjoy and learn, transform the moments of challenge and anger into moments from which you can develop yourself as a better person.

A better person who can actually make good choices and behave morally superior than he/she was before, as the person deeply buried under all the suffering and self-pity of egoistical desires and expectations.

No human creature is the same from moment to moment, we all change emotionally and psychologically, and even physiologically as our cells go through transformation; however, this evolution, this change we live, is in fact what makes human experience something of great worth, so you can learn to become better the next moment of your life, and the next one, and so on and so forth.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The Portal.


Everything in this life has a purpose


Everything and everyone appearing in our lives, whether is for good or bad, is never a coincidence.  Everything evolves the way is supposed to evolve, nothing lies outside this Universal KNOWING.

Hitler had to convince Germans, get them to follow him and give him power to kill millions, in order for humanity to get to where we are.  Knowledge, learning from the past, evolution to understand oneself, good, evil–all plays a role, whether you like it or not.

The people you meet, the troubles you suffer, the feeling of worthlessness, anxiety, loss of people you love, the anger, the confusion–they are there for a reason.  Finding out why, individually, and growing from it, is how you experience greater evolution and meaning in your life.

If you close yourself to this and so deny the purpose and connection behind ALL things, then it is indeed the moment you lose yourself, and thus you enter a state of confusion where nothing truly matters to you anymore.

Because your mind is the portal either to heaven or hell, to great understanding and life or to ignorance and death.  When your mind denies life’s evolution, when it judges it, when it demonizes it, then you are obscuring your mind and so you cannot enter any heaven but only a hell.




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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Know The Infinite.

“And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation, neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there!; for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” ~ Luke 17:20-21.
All life is, all the symbolisms in the holy books of the world and also in your Bible, all the angels, all the demons, all the dimensions and states of vibration–they are indeed in you, beyond that egoistical state of infernal descend which characterizes the mediocrity and ignorance of the superficial man.

The human mind and its capacity for greater awareness obeys the structural chemistry of the brain, and you carry out the actions to form your brain; therefore to build connections and synapses is to rule your life based on strategies for greater evolution–i.e., routine exercise, balanced nutrition, good and sound entertainment, study of elevating books, etc. etc.
These I have mentioned are some of the ways to structure your brain, to form greater capacities of awareness in the great lab of your physiology, of your being, ways to purify the mind from the world’s pollution; however, this is the start, for these are just mechanical ways to prepare the vessel/yourself.  These ways are the ways of observation, as such is the observation of the conscious structure of your brain and its chemistry.


Ascension, the Kingdom of God, comes not only with observation though; but with the formation of greater awareness, which calls for a great understanding of yourself, thus of the world and its symbols. You must live the Divine Word in yourself, in your everyday actions, and not just intellectually repeat it like a parrot; and so, this calls for an individual grace which does not belong to the world or to anyone around you.  You must seek, study, experience, and so guide yourself in the mystical truths; and all in order to ascend and know The Infinite within you.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Spiritual evolution.

Evolution of consciousness from fallen angel to ascension, or from darkness to light, or from mediocrity to Enlightenment.  Spiritual evolution is not an evolution of the spirit per se, but it is the elevation of the human mind so it can get rid of the corruption and all hindrances to freeing the spirit (as the spirit truly frees itself the conscience of man reaches heights of illumination/a portal into higher dimensions of thought/a unity with the universe or Oneness/Enlightenment).  And how does a free spirit come about…??


It is in the dormant DNA strands: as we absorb knowledge, beliefs, opinions, certain views, our physical brains make new connections (grow more “dendrites,” which are neuronal branches) or destroy connections–depending on the knowledge we acquire.  This affects, obviously, our DNA composition–we either become illumined and strengthen DNA strands while creating even more, or we bury these same DNA strands under piles of actual genetic “junk” while sending ill signals to our entire genetic makeup.  This is the science behind evolution.  Human beings function like this so we may acquire the right knowledge and evolve into higher levels of consciousness through our own divine genetic material, because it is all in the genetic material.

When you accept whatever you read, when you just follow the words of others no matter how they sound, when you react without thinking and immerse your mind in passions based on fear either by yourself or with the collective–all this produces an effect on your genetic makeup, you are structuring your genes and polluting your process of evolution.  Your brain is the gateway to expansion, and unless you watch what you feed it day by day your genes will not evolve into higher realms of thought.



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The free mind of a human god!

Alchemical purposes…

“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.”  ~ Paulo Coelho.

“Why do we have to listen to our hearts?” the boy asked.  “Because, wherever your heart is, that is where you will find your treasure.”  ~ Paulo Coelho; Brazilian lyricist and novelist.


Alchemy is an ancient path of spiritual purification and transformation; the expansion of consciousness and the development of insight and intuition through images.  Alchemy is steeped in mysticism and mystery.  It presents to the initiate a system of eternal, dreamlike, esoteric symbols that have the power to alter consciousness and connect the human soul to the Divine.


The Light within each of us is the ultimate truth and reality, all deeds based on love and wisdom come from its brilliance, from its eternal devotion to all Creation and its divine process; however, only awakened individuals really understand this, because one truly understand this with the pure heart and not with the I.Q. or thought/ego.


And the highest percentage of the world, even though they can be nice and caring people, even highly knowledgeable into spiritual texts, are asleep and not aware of this profound truth and reality; therefore, the awakened ones for them do not exist, because they themselves in their massive egos feel the surface of the planet is what reality is–i.e., what they experience with their physical senses is it.

They lose themselves in this superficial nonsense.


But the ones among us who are truly awakened and so deem the most paramount subject that of mental elevation, indeed may be call true Alchemists.

And even though the road of alchemical wisdom is the road less traveled due to it being the opposite of illusion, of the ego, we must do our work diligently and faithfully in order to heighten our senses and expand self-love to reach that life-long summit of enlightenment, and so attract like-minds to populate the earth.

Planet Earth is going through a shift, we can recognize that; and that is why all the natural disasters, political and military upheavals and wars, and shifts of consciousness.

This can only mean one thing:  That life is moving forwards into a new face of evolution, such evolution of the Mind and the Invisible Forces; therefore, the wise ones must accept and keep moving forwards with it.



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Mental evolution.

“If the thinker can understand himself, then the whole problem is solved. Then he is creation, he is reality; and then what he does will not be antisocial. Virtue is not an end in itself; virtue brings freedom, and there can be freedom only when the thinker, which is the mind, ceases. That is why one has to understand the process of the mind, the ‘I’, the bundle of desires that create the ‘I’, my property, my wife, my ideas, my God. Surely it is because the thinker is so confused that his actions are confused; it is because the thinker is confused that he seeks reality, order, peace.”  ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti; philosopher, public speaker, and author.


Mental evolution, the heights of the human mind, is the deep understanding of our own psychology; however, this mental understanding goes beyond psychology books and ancient philosophies, this mental evolution is a shedding of layers on our psyche.


This shedding of layers corresponds to the higher man in each one of us, and the higher man is the one that is truly free from its mind’s content–i.e., free from beliefs and rules designed by others, free from fantastical and rebellious ideas, free from his own selfish concepts and behaviors, etc.

In order for man to really experience constant and pure bliss, and thus be open to each moment with acceptance without being attached to people or things, he must search within himself and take time to know his psychology as the thinker, as the supreme being who is in charge of ruling over his own thoughts, emotions, and over the events in his life.

Unless said man do this with divine wisdom daily, he cannot enjoy the eternal fruits of life.



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