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When The Master Speaks.




When you go through difficulties in your life, or things you do not like, or the actions of others have upset you, or you are paying the consequences of your own actions, it means that the essence of life, of your true self, is trying to make you aware of something–a lesson, another point of view, a realization of self-love, a sign of something.

Nothing which you live, even though it might seem otherwise to your ego, is irrelevant or worthless in terms of your psychological expansion and emotional learning capacity.  Now, you can accept this truth and become wiser in your own life, or you can deny this truth and live your life with anger and frustration.

The choice is always yours, but nothing ever goes away; so, either you see that and welcome it, or you remain thinking that life is unfair to you and random.  Deep understanding of your life as it is, or chosen suffering in sleep.

It is teaching your conscious or your subconscious something, for you to realize now or later.  When my father died and I had to help take care of my family in a country like this one, U.S., foreign to me, I suffered much, days and nights of neglect, crying and blaming life, because I felt alone and trapped.

But as years went by, and my mind expanded, matured, I learned the lesson, that my father had to die and I had to struggle for years to awaken from my own self-pity.  Point is, whatever happens to you, whatever chaos and evil you consider currently, nothing is permanent, it will change; and so, it will be your choice if to see the lesson or not.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Another person in your life.




People are physical manifestations of nature’s or consciousness’ evolution, and each one brings an individual purpose and finds it along his/her unique experiences in life.

We are all different, each one of us thinks, feels, behaves differently; and, even when people have grown in the same household and share similar views, we experience things in our own unique manners and with our own ideologies.

And this must be a theme of celebration really, because it is telling us that we all have a different path we are creating constantly, and that we all have the chance to learn to grow in our paths from each other.  No one is lost, or meaningless, or lonely, unless they choose to feel that way.

Sadly, there are unconscious people who choose to feel that way, and so they fall into depression, anxiety, desperation, even suicide.  Now, other people may hurt us, love us, confuse us, make us feel like we are alone; however, in reality these are manifestations to help us move on and learn to become better human beings.

Not many people can see this truth, because most people choose the path of denial and so see other people as perhaps nuisance or curses in their lives; but one must awaken and see past this nonsense, and so realize that we all, each one of us has a purpose, and that we all can help each other in some big or small way.

Your mind just has to be patient and find the purpose of another person in your life.




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