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Open your Eyes and lead.


That which is not of service to your personal improvement must be allowed to go, especially if your ego feels comfortable doing it and it is keeping you distracted and distanced from maturity and higher conscience.  What is true love if not the understanding that you must come first…??  You desire to be able to truly love someone, you desire to find a job you love or develop love for your current job situation, you desire to feel healthier, you desire to feel more tolerance and compassion for others, etc. etc…??  It is an inside job, because all your experiences are you, because all the people with whom you interact daily are you, because all that which you think and feel is you.  So you start from you, you awaken to your own higher conscience, you realize that to find love and God in the world and inside yourself you must wake up and lead yourself into a better life. 

But your problem is that you cannot see it yet, because you think that the most important thing is to carry the burden of others, that it is to love and take care of others first.  You have been poisoned by stupid writings and ignorant people, you believe this to be spiritual when in reality is not–but it is just the game of feeling like the idiot martyr, like the nonsense story of the crucifixion of Jesus which you and most people do not truly understand.  This is how poor and pitiful your understanding of love is, and this is why the self-proclaimed “spiritual” people are not spiritual at all.

Love is the greatest essence, the most magnificent and creative force of all bliss; however, you must understand that true love must be built first to be experienced as a human being.  People who kill themselves, people who create wars, people who eat unhealthily and without discipline, people who deceive others–Why do you think they act this way…??  Because they haven’t built true love inside them.  They just go around spreading joy, or pain, to the world and taking care of others, or hurting others, while ignorantly thinking that this is divine, or even right to do, that this is doing the job of God or some bullshit their egos invent.  But they indeed lack the understanding of true love, for true love is something you build within yourself, you fill yourself with love and then your example, your love expands.

Would you take eating advice from a fat person…??  Would you take relationship advice from a couple who lives arguing and is intolerant to each other…??   Would you marry a person who desires to cut herself or kill herself because she hasn’t found true love inside her yet…??  If you would, then you are one of these people who do not understand what love truly is…  Do you want to really know what love is…??  Do you want to be filled with it blissfully…??  Work on yourself first then.  Not later.  Now…


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