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Don’t follow. Lead yourself.

Have no fear of being yourself. There is no normal. There is no oddity. There is no way to be. We have been influenced to believe that this is the case, that we should be this or that. But people are different. We carry different hurts, different pasts, different experiences. So, the strength, the confidence, the attractive quality does not lie in pretending to be something we’re not, or in falling in intimidation of others for being so-called “normal.”

But everything is really about saying how you think and feel. No fear of messing up. No fear of not being understood. Because any fear you have, even if you think you hide it well, it becomes your burden. This fear becomes an overactive imagination, and overthinking, and anxiety. And as long as this anxiety rules your mind, you remain a slave, you become subconsciously paranoid, and you begin feeling less than others while losing respect for yourself.

And life is really about becoming better morally, learning more, changing to better habits, new dreams, great accomplishments which bring us joy. Self-confidence is required for all this. To gain self-confidence, you have to improve the respect you have for yourself; and this can only be accomplished when you are not feeling less than others, and when your mind is not anxious or trying to be this so-called “normal” like the rest. No, in this life you create yourself; and you lead yourself without letting others influence you. You learn to love by loving as yourself, not by copying others. You learn as you go, by exploring yourself and by becoming active in what you want. Ignore the rest, and do it yourself.

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And this following short story is about a rebellious young man, Michael Vega, who gets into trouble, ends up in prison, and then dies.

But this particular story begins when he comes back from hell.  Perhaps he comes back for love.  Maybe for rebellion. 

But, even though you will encounter themes like heaven, hell, and aliens, my real intention here is to help us ponder this life, Creation, and the resurrection of each one of us in our life’s journey.
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Big Mouth Blues

This is a book review that I am really glad I’m writing. I am very picky when it comes to choosing my reading material, specially fiction; however, this one really caught my eye. The story is very real and honest. The story of a young lady who is holding a big secret and is really surviving her sad life. But this is not a sad story per se.

There’s laughter. There’s inspiration. There are moments of anger. There are moments of inner contemplation, where you think about the truth in the story. But, in general, this is a story to motivate you to be a better human being, and a way for your mind to expand into such issues as domestic violence. This is a really interesting read which will motivate you greatly, either to be a better parent or a better kid to your parents.

I give this one a 5-star rating.

A little bit about the author:

Danalynn Donovan fell in love with writing Realistic Fiction when she was only twelve. She wrote all through school, but put it aside for the busy life of marriage and children. More than a decade later, she rediscovered her passion for writing, and the words were sailing once again. A perpetual optimist, Danalynn adores this adventure called LIFE, the color blue, cats, clouds, tattoos, seafood, fishing, and anything that lights up (in that order), and is passionate about the things she loves to the point of being annoying (just ask her family!).

She’s a winter girl who enjoys curling up in front of a cozy fire next to the man she loves. She also loves to read and write books in whatever time she can grab, and would be perfectly happy if everything she owned was blue. Danalynn lives in Ohio with her family, her cats, and a lot of firewood. Big Mouth Blues is her debut novel.

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