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Like a brain tumor…

People pretend

Don’t feel bad, out of place, weird, if you don’t really like what others like. The truth is that most people in this world, especially some of us men, pretend to like or love something. They pretend because they seek to belong to a group in society, they are scared to be themselves so they ignore who they really are just to fit in.

They lie to themselves. Pretending is a way to neglect who you really are deep inside, and this manifests as many psychic disturbances even as they don’t know it. One gets angry easily. One gets frustrated easily. One becomes depressed easily. And many clinical anomalies as well appear.

Reach deep within

So, you can see how unhealthy it is. Pretending is the disease that many ignore because it festers in the subconscious like a tumor in the brain–slowly and in secrecy until it becomes a big problem. The brave and real among us must then reach deep within us and be ourselves entirely in order to remain healthy, boost confidence, and be truly happy with who we are.

Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Be who you want to be

The rights of people

The rights to feel love, happiness, self-worth, feeling free to live your life as you wish. These are the true rights of the human being. It does not matter gender, age, or any other condition, as long as you are a grown up and mentally capable of deciding for yourself.

Do not let the prejudice of others stop you from embracing your life with joy. That is your very right. The right to feel joy. We are all unique, different, capable of finding joy. But you must be free and stop letting others dictate how you should feel

Choose to be you

This seems easy to understand, but truth is sometimes people let themselves play a part just for others. Quite often others dictate how we behave, and we let ourselves fall into this pressure/this prison. And, yes, it is a prison to always try to please others or try to be what others expect.

Life must be lived with a mind that is absolutely free, and that takes courage because you must stand up for yourself and be yourself. Being yourself is using that right while feeling empowered to be who you want to be. Never forget this.