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The game.

Who was I…?? Thunder came, lightning shot,
Then I knew who I was, and who you were too…

People make the mistake to seek themselves in society–in their relationships, in their jobs, in their religions, and in all their particular activities.  This is to put on masks and try to fit in and find your love, your happiness here; however, these are the lies people live and tell themselves every day.  Because these are mere things, as important as they can be to you, superficial things you do, experiences of the human games you are here to play; but still you are searching for yourself in the wrong places where nothing of eternal substance can be found…

“The game.”

I was blind and my foothold very weak,
I thought me as superior in my own eyes,
I felt saved, proud, safe in a crooked path
Where I had you through painful choices.
I did not see myself in this game but a lie
Which grew in me and cut my freedom,
A game where I constantly seek and seek,
In you, In them, some love, some happiness,
A way to express myself through my masks;
But soon it swallowed me and kept me away
In spite of my bouts of anger and frustration,
In spite of my desires to be mended by you.
But I finally discovered myself in the mirror,
Aging, deceived, broken–but alas awake!
Thus awake with a light I hadn’t seen before,
Such brightness which took me past the mask,
Past societies, past cultures, past seeking.
And now I saw you, dear, for who you were,
My partner, not my savior or my source of love;
And I saw me, I saw how illumined I was,
what I was, and who I needed to be for me.
Yes, I contemplated my role and my worth
Far beyond society’s many false arguments.
Who was I…?? Thunder came, lightning shot,
Then I knew who I was, and who you were too…


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By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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