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Unique Art.

…or you can love somebody, or something you do daily, as a true art…

I think that too many people are just existing for the sake of getting through the day, through the week, through the year; or worse yet, people are just expecting situations to change and so they are not being the best they can be.  Their minds are located in their current problems, pressures of this and that, and they are ignorantly praying and desiring for better things, for better days, for happier days to come.  They are not really putting all their good vibes and energy, their best moods and pure hearts, into the task at hand, into what they are doing each minute of each day–i.e., into their communications with somebody else, into their self-talks, into their jobs, into their ideas, into their ways of affection towards somebody important for them, into their arts, into their alone moments, and into all activities.
And can you not see that this is exactly the reason for any fear and lack of confidence to fester in the mind…??  Love and happiness is in how much energy and discipline/attention you put into whatever you do:  If you put all your energy and attention into your job (into the details of it without complaining), you will soon get used to it and find love in that.  If you put attention and all your energy in all aspects of a relationship, soon your mind will erase the flaws of your partner and you will become more caring and mature in the ways you express your love.  If you feel alone, neglected, but you begin to discipline your mind into putting all your energy into yourself and into activities for yourself, you will soon feel whole, working for yourself, and too busy loving yourself to feel alone and neglected.  So put all your attention and energy into whatever you do, all the time, even into things which you do not consider important–like cleaning, shopping, drawing, writing, taking the bus, walking by yourself, walking the dog, usual conversations, etc. etc.
Putting all your heart and soul into these things, in my own experience I know, will soon give you the inner strength to rise above all fears you may have; because life is a true celebration as you enjoy each moment (whatever that moment is), but when you neglect the moment then your attention wanders into overthinking and depression.  And art is just that, being extremely creative and unique in whatever you are doing.  See, popular art might be painting, dancing, acting, sculpting, making music; however, anything in life can be transformed into art, because art is what brings you love and happiness, what makes you say “I am unique and great!”
You can love somebody, or something you do daily, as an ordinary and mediocre person does, like most people, and so fall into hate, jealousy, sadness, feelings of worthlessness, and the rest of the nonsense; or you can love somebody, or something you do daily, as a true art form, uniquely of yourself as a superior human being who creates with his divine energy and wonderful creativity…  And it is all in your hands.  And it is all up to you…


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By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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