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Wanderer, find your place.

Remember an untamed mind is your prison, always will be. It is designed to be that way, so you can go…

You must understand that your mind as it is right now, stubborn, filled of lazy and comfortable thinking, attached to people and things, lacking in conscience of truth, is your own prison, your own source of frustration, your own hell.  The fact that you have financial difficulties, relationship problems, problems with the law, neglect by people, an unhealthy lifestyle–these are nothing compared to your mind, and these are even worsened by you mind.  And your mind is the content of your everyday interaction with society–its influence on foods, on clothing, on beliefs, on “truth,” on “love,” on sex, on happiness, on creativity, on freedom. 
Nothing is unique, but everything is taught by others–i.e., given to you consciously or subconsciously.  To acquire a conscience you must walk away from all this influence.  You must eat what is better for your health, not for your ego.  You must love without expecting and without fear, always remaining opened emotionally and without following a set pattern on what society says love is.  You must stop before you react emotionally, be patient, really inquire and meditate on what you are about to say and do.  You must accept that all sentient beings’ life is in their emotional bodies, not on how they look and not on their intellect; so, a pig, a cow, a dog, a Muslim, a Christian, you, me, is all the same life–all feel neglect, all feel lonely, all feel hated, all feel pain, all feel happiness, all feel love.  And you must understand that freedom is not measured or created by your environment or by your rights in the constitution, or by your culture or government, or by any other scheme outside of you or even any scheme created by your own thinking.
Remember an untamed mind is your prison, always will be.  It is designed to be that way, so you can go beyond mind and discover what freedom really is.  Don’t seek it in society.  Don’t seek it in people.  Don’t ask over and over again where to seek it.  You know where it is!  Leave all of society and its influence and you shall be illumined to heights you do not even understand right now.
Once your body and mind become stronger and healthier and you follow only truth within yourself far beyond your ego’s schemes, then you will wander like a lonely beggar no more and you will really understand all that I write to you here.
You tend to seek out there, wander in the world and follow society and all their structures without questioning and without knowing the truth–you wear what they wear, you eat what they eat, for you love is whatever others believe love is, you want to be rich and popular like others, etc.   This ignorant activity creates masks, and below you hide your demons–your anger, your frustration, your jealousy, you lack of love, etc.  You must take care of your own demons instead of following society and focusing on being like them.



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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