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By allowing yourself to realize this, your mind becomes more open to be at…

What is the composition of life–in its spiritual, mental, and physical aspects…??  Life is learning to find a balance in these three aspects, isn’t it…??  And if you do not find this balance, or embrace one more than the other, what happens…??  Have you really thought about this…??
Success, love, happiness, freedom to be yourself–these are all one and the same, because being successful means to love what you do, and loving what you do means being happy, and being happy means you taste freedom to be truly yourself.  But by “love what you do” I do not mean the popular significance society preaches in magazines and on TV ads–i.e., make money and be popular, study and seek something which is famous in the industry or in the marketplace, be like them or follow in their footsteps.  By “love what you do” I mean discover yourself as a person (no matter age or origin), if you make a mistake welcome that mistake and keep on going, pay attention to anything that you do, and be brave enough to love and explore every little detail of yourself and of life in all aspects–spiritual, mental, physical, financial.  This is balance, isn’t it…??  When you do all this you are truly successful, right…??

But in order to feel successful and experience all these wonderful things in you–love, happiness, freedom, etc.–you must discipline your mind, you must order your mind and clean it.  If your room has clothing all over the floor, and dirt, and food stains, and whatnot, it would be very difficult to feel yourself clean, sleep in there, and find what you really need in the mess; so, what you do is be disciplined, you clean it and order all the items thrown.  Life is exactly the same:  You are successful by ruling your mind, by disciplining your mind; for that is its real purpose, your mind is just a tool for you to find all these wonderful things I have mentioned in the beginning.  By allowing yourself to realize this, your mind becomes more open to be at your service; and you get to use it and manage it to your advantage, to be your true self and experience all success.

While you do this and work on yourself, your example guides others who do not rule their minds but who let their minds rule them…  This is how you illumine your path, as well as someone else’s…


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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