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1- you like a person so you date, 2- you “fall in love” with that person, 3- you get married and have kids (a bunch of kids, because the more kids you have the more love created in the family, right??).

What is being Love…??–Is it to tell the people around you that you are love but in secret you are still unhappy and seeking desperately relationships??–Is it to claim you are not attached but you still find your reason for love and happiness in another person and not in you??  It is hard to understand for many, I know, because society claims, and has taught you since birth, that love is a designed set, concepts, something you acquire with two people or with a family: 1- you like a person so you date, 2- you “fall in love” with that person, 3- you get married and have kids (a bunch of kids, because the more kids you have the more love created in the family, right??). 
And isn’t this love everything in life…??–So if you do not seek a relationship and then marriage, does that mean you don’t know love and that you can never be in love…?? 
But this is a mere concept, steps created by society and that most people follow blindly because they believe romance to be the source of love.  And, of course, one is free to do whatever one wants in his/her life.  But is liking someone, dating, getting married, following all these steps, Love…??  Is it…??  Because if it is then divorces shouldn’t exist, wars shouldn’t exist, prejudice shouldn’t exist, and all the ugliness people of this world create shouldn’t exist.  Because if you truly know love, and if you truly are in love then your whole life changes; you become more emotionally connected, you become kinder, gentler, fear vanishes and you desire harmony and love to everyone.  If you really know love then you don’t just love your partner, but you are love–which means that all you think, feel, and do towards the world is love.  You are love and that is all you know. 
But the world is full of people in love with whomever they date and marry, they follow the steps marked by society–  So how come they still hate others, lie, cheat, do not appreciate the life of other sentient beings, divorce themselves, murder themselves, fight with themselves.  But still everybody you ask claims to know love, right….??  A father loves his son and his wife, but he kills other countries as a military man and also hates immigrants with all his heart.  But he knows love…??  Anyone among you makes sense of this…??  This all happens because no one really knows love, because all they know is what society teaches, levels–i.e., friendship love, family love, love for a job, love for an education, and romantic love being the highest peak of love. 
All they know is to seek, and seek, and seek in the world; but the problem is that when you spend your whole life seeking, you actually deviate yourself from love.  Because in order to seek with success, first you must become love–you must actually love everybody.  If you love all beings, it means you have no fear; if you have no fear, then your love with another will be perfect.  If there is no fear, then you have no reason to hate anything or anyone.  If you have no fear, then you are love–not “in love” but you are love.

Because the source of love is not something you seek in the world, create as a couple, or design by following steps marked by society.  The source of love is an individual meditation, godly, pure, an expansive energy, which brings the perfection of love, because your whole existence becomes this perfection–and now you can love the world with perfection as well.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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