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A little more awake.

Think about this, really see it in yourself, and then become a little more awake…

The voices in our heads are seemingly many, loud, rebellious, and quite often without much reason; that is in fact the chemistry in our brains igniting certain signals, lighting up certain parts of our hemispheres, as the mind is influenced by molecular waves of potentialities thus giving us the different sensations/dimensional experiences of thought–i.e., good and evil, truth and lie, facts and imagination, etc. etc.  This comes about due to the polluted content of the human mind, because if there is no pollution then the voices are just truth-and-love based–i.e. no confusion and struggle to find out what is true.  And the pollution penetrates through our physical senses; the physical senses are not clean due our society and its influence.

It is not that easy to be honest with yourself in the polluted mind, is it…??  What to eat.  What and how to say it.  What activities to pursue.  Wise strategies in life.  Detaching yourself from your own mind’s content.  Are you making excuses right now…??  Do you make excuses for the way you think, for the way you feel, for the way you behave…??  Excuses are stopping you and anyone else from the light, and the pollution–whatever is not fact–is denying you access into the temple of wisdom, into your godly nature which is your god-given right.

You may not see it, perhaps you aren’t really conscious of the excuses you make; however, awakening is just that, realizing what is unconscious in you and making it conscious immediately, no excuses, because it is about you and your evolution–spiritual, mental, physical evolution.  Awakening is not filling your mind with more knowledge, which may turn out to be more pollution–and if that is the case you are falling more and more in the sleeping state rather than coming into higher awakening…  Think about this, really see it in yourself, and then become a little more awake…



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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