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So, all that exists in life is the content of your mind really, because your mind’s content will…

What results out of unawareness…?? What is that in us which causes suffering and all kinds of arguments and problems…?? The human mind is a temple, a thing of worship, the portal between this physical life and the divine life or that which is of godliness within us; therefore, to really go beyond our fears, opinions, beliefs, and all ego, is to know ourselves, is to see the sacred in us or that which is untainted. But the mind is filled by us, and this content makes us strong or weak, this content allows us to know ourselves or remain wild animals who ignore their divine origin, and this content gives us access to reason or access to ignorance and violence.

So, all that exists in life is the content of your mind really, because your mind’s content will determine how you see yourself and others, it will tell you what to think about your situation and how to feel about it as well. You will feel bliss or feel pain, you will experience peace or anger, all based on your mind’s content. This means that whatever you go through in life is labeled by your mind’s content as either good or bad, as pleasurable or painful; and so, what you experience then is not your situation in reality but your mind and what it tells you, you follow its labels on the outer situation.

And this is why keeping a mind alert and self-aware at all times is so vital to keep your bliss and happiness–even if you lost someone you love, or if you have a disease, you must remain self-aware and not attached to your suffering/do not ignorantly create suffering for yourself. And you can come up with a thousands excuses for the suffering you are going through right now, but truth is that your mind is making it worse than it is because you are letting it. Life might not be easy, struggles exist for all of us; however, your attention dictates how you feel about your life–if your attention is on problems then you will get more problems.



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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