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Realize your own stupidity.

The mind, or its content of thoughts, tends to work mechanically, manically in a loop, conditioned and…

The thoughts appearing in your consciousness like quick materializing vapors which seek your attention are not important, not even relevant, but the paramount transformation of your being is the process which comes right afterwards, which has all the relevance; that is, the thoughts you choose, mold, strengthen, and follow with your attention.   Attention is extremely powerful, and the most important tool you have; for with full attention you are able to focus on a particular idea and go somewhere, form relationships, create beautiful art, gain confidence and be happy.
Can you see how attention shapes you and brings everything to you, how it makes you great or it destroys you if misguided….??

And, of course, this attention must come then with your better choosing of thoughts, with your better judgement, as thoughts that do not serve you and elevate you should not be given attention, but just let them flow and disappear into the oblivion of your own psyche.  The mind, or its content of thoughts, tends to work mechanically, manically in a loop, conditioned and repeating the same old patterns; however, you must be highly aware of this in your own experience lest you start living in your own hell, flames which shall destroy your higher capacities as a human being.  And such hell by being trapped into the same self-defeating patterns of thinking, and so reliving the same fears over and over again without allowing yourself to learn better.

Why would you allow yourself to remain stuck in the same rut…??  Isn’t your life a continuous progress, a further reach into better things to come…??  And you create your life, you bring progress into your life, right…??–Or perhaps you are waiting for some god up in the skies to throw blessings at you, with your nonsense prayers and idiotic images of Buddha and Jesus.  Are you waiting for that then…??  Well, if you are, it is because you have yet to awaken from stupidity.  And it is stupidity what keeps you down and in the dream; that state of stupidity is the ignorance you won’t allow yourself to see.  This stupidity is your vain ego in mechanical mode working daily in you.  Become aware of it!



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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