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Beyond what you know…

What about the inner compass of each human creature for superior moral and ethics…??

So many people get lost in the translation of books, scriptures, revolutionary ideas, philosophies; thereby, their minds become so filled with these influences that they fall trap of what these man-made ideologies are artificially creating in them.   The mind gets lost in words and strict rules, in strategies of belief and dogmas; and so, the person becomes attached to these forms of mechanical worship.

For example, Christians put Jesus Christ on a pedestal, he is The Lord for them, worship him like he is some superior being.  But how many of those so-called “Christ-ians” are really following his very example of loving all beings, of being tolerant, of kindness, of faith, of forgiveness, and the rest…??

How many Christians have become truly Enlightened like the Jesus they praise so much…??  Many Christians support wars, kill others, beat their spouses, commit crimes, hate, lie, pollute their own bodies, etc. etc.

Or how many Buddhists, or Mohammedans, are illumined like these great prophets of Light were…??  Be honest with yourself about this.  It is about you, so see beyond your ego and your fanaticism.

People gets deviated and confused by their own egos, by their own misguided understanding of the scriptures and of all books.  What about the inner compass of each human creature for superior moral and ethics…??

There is no awakening, there is no spiritual being if you do not see past the scriptures, books, ideologies, and feel your heart and do what is right–not for your ego and mere pleasure, or to fit with some group, but for your own character as a moral and ethical human being.

The world will not change unless the person becomes an individual, and sees and behaves morally and ethically superior than the representation of his own ego, which means being love and not following the influence of books, people, and groups.

The heart, without the ego, knows what is right; however, the ego seeks outside because it doesn’t desire the path of truth–so it distances itself from truth.



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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